The Ljubljana Reading Manifesto: Why higher-level reading is important


Societies are facing fundamental transformations as digital technologies are changing the ways we live, interact, work, study and read. The social and cultural impact of the digitization process on reading skills and practices remains under-researched. While digital technologies offer much potential for new forms of reading, recent empirical research shows that the digital environment is having a negative impact on reading, in particular on long-form reading and reading comprehension. It also remains unclear whether the transition to digital media actually lives up to its promise of improving learning outcomes. Recent studies of various kinds indicate a decline of crucial higher-level reading competencies and practices, such as critical and conscious reading, slow reading, non-strategic reading and long-form reading. Current educational policy, meanwhile, relies heavily on monocultural standardized testing of basic reading capabilities and on growing use of digital technologies. Reading education, assessment, research and policy-making should focus more on higher-level reading practices in both adults and children in order to understand the development of reading skills and practices in an age increasingly dependent on a ubiquitous digital infrastructure.

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The Importance of Higher-Level Reading: A Manifesto

Supported by:

International Publishers Association
German Academy for Language and Literature
Federation of European Publishers
EU-READ, Consortium of European reading promotion organisations
PEN International
International Federation of Library Associations
The International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY)
Slovenian Book Agency

Higher-level reading is our most powerful tool for analytic and critical thinking. It exercises metacognition and cognitive patience, expands our conceptual capacities, trains cognitive empathy and perspective-taking – social skills which are indispensable for informed citizens in a democratic society. Signatories of this manifesto call to acknowledge the permanent significance of higher-level reading in the digital era.

How to turn the tide of declining reading skills is one of the urgent challenges that now confront society. To participate as informed citizens in a democratic society we need higher-level reading skills and practices that go far beyond the mere decoding of texts. Reading is not only the main road to personal development, the foundation of life-long learning and the basis of so much of our information exchange, but it is also a central dimension of social interaction and participation. The era of rapidly expanding screen technologies has brought enormous amounts of audio, visual and textual content to our fingertips. The digital revolution has brought many positive outcomes. For example, textual content has become more accessible in disadvantaged areas and the needs of readers with different impairments and abilities can be better catered for. We need to be careful, however, that some skills and modes of reading are not made to look like a relic from a fast-fading older informational era. This concerns, most notably, the long-form book and the higher-level reading it promotes. The digital realm may foster more reading than ever in history, but it also offers many temptations to read in a superficial and scattered manner – or even not to read at all. This increasingly endangers higher-level reading. We therefore call for a reconsideration of the role of higher-level reading in the digital era. In an ever more complex information environment, informed citizens need to be able to distinguish valid from non-valid sources, and to flexibly adjust reading behaviour to varying contexts. The act of higher-level reading is an exercise in attention and cognitive patience, expanding vocabulary and conceptual capacities, and actively challenging readers’ preconceptions. It is especially long-form texts, such as books, that sharpen our higher-level reading skills. They train us to test different interpretations, detect contradictions, biases and logical mistakes, and to establish the sophisticated and fragile connections between texts and cultural backgrounds we need for the exchange of human judgements and emotions. Higher-level reading is our most powerful tool for analytic and strategic thinking. Without it, we are ill-equipped to counter populist simplifications, conspiracy theories and disinformation, and we consequently become vulnerable to manipulation. However, educators increasingly focus on multimodal media, at the expense of in-depth engagement with textual information. Moreover, due to a propensity for efficiency, the complexity of reading is regarded as a problem to be solved by simplification rather than as a mirror of human complexity and an activity that fosters analytic and strategic thinking. Lastly, today’s reading education and assessment also share a focus on basic functional and informational skills. This emphasis loses sight of the life-long importance of higher-level reading for critical thinking that is a precondition for a properly functioning democracy. We therefore call for education and promotion of reading together with assessment and research to recognize the importance of higher-level reading as a life- and society-shaping capability. Reading education and promotion needs to go beyond teaching basic functional and informational skills to school children and focus on the life-long personal development process enhanced by higher-level reading. Reading assessment needs to go beyond standardized testing and to include qualitative and descriptive data in order to provide a detailed diagnosis of the state of higher-level reading in our societies. Reading research needs to broaden its focus to include disciplines such as information behaviour research, information literacy teaching, media design, attention research and neuroscience, and to shape a systematic research programme, aligning perspectives and overcoming fragmentation. The future of reading affects the future of our societies. A democratic society, based on informed multi-stakeholder consensus can only succeed with resilient readers, well-versed in higher-level reading. Policy-makers in all fields need to be aware of this. For, in the words of Margaret Atwood’s much quoted warning, “If there are no young readers and writers, there will shortly be no older ones. Literacy will be dead, and democracy ... will be dead as well”.
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Manifesto already signed by:

First name Name Institute Date
Margaret Atwood Writer 2023-10-20
Slavoj Zizek Philosopher, Ljubljana 2023-10-20
Olga Tokarczuk Writer 2023-10-20
Georgi Gospodinov Writer 2023-10-20
Asta Vrečko Slovenian minister for culture 2023-10-24
Claudia Roth Staatsministerin für Kultur und Medien der Bundesrepublik Deutschland 2023-10-20
Parisa Liljestrand Minister of Culture, Sweden 2023-11-16
Agnese Logina Minister of Culture of the Republic of Latvia 2023-11-22
Jan Jambon Minister-President of the Government of Flanders, Flemish Minister for Foreign Policy, Culture, Digitization and Facilities 2023-11-21
Darjo Felda Minister za vzgojo in izobraževanje 2023-11-23
Lina Mendoni Minister of Culture and Sports, Greece 2023-11-28
Vasiliki Kassianidou Deputy Minister of Culture, Republic of Cyprus 2023-11-28
Nina Obuljen Koržinek Minister of Culture and Media, Croatia 2023-11-28
Radovan Fuchs Minister of Science and Education, Croatia 2023-12-01
Rima Abdul Malak Minister of Culture, France 2023-11-28
Arkadiusz Pluciński Deputy Permanent Representative to the EU, Poland 2023-11-28
Katja Stergar Slovenian Book Agency 2023-10-27
Aleksander Čeferin UEFA President 2023-10-23
Matthias Göritz Author and Professor of Practice at Washington University in St. Louis 2023-10-18
Durs Grünbein Poet 2023-10-18
Karine Pansa IPA President 2023-10-23
Ernst Osterkamp Präsident Deutsche Akademie für Sprache und Dichtung 2023-10-23
Ricardo Franco Levi FEP President 2023-10-23
Elmar Mittler Georg-August Universität göttingen 2024-07-07
Xoie Xoie Xoie Paev 2024-07-03
Sebastian Koeppl Retired ( formerly Bamberg University Library) 2024-07-03
Nektarios Stellakis University of Patras 2024-06-26
Karthika Gopalakrishnan Head of Reading, Neev Academy | Director, Neev Literature Festival 2024-06-25
Yuan Wang Tsinghua University 2024-06-23
Anneco van der Toorn prive 2024-06-20
Hanne Storm Ofteland Chief Librarian 2024-06-18
Michael Bundscherer Typographische Gesellschaft München e.V. (tgm) 2024-06-15
Rixt Heegsma Bibliotheken Mar en Fean 2024-06-13
Raul Pavel Book industry professional 2024-06-12
Patricia Theren Alanus Hochschule 2024-06-12
Bernd Ritter Reader 2024-06-11
Silvia Werfel Journalist 2024-06-07
Martin Mayer RheinMain University and State Library 2024-06-06
ELENI Moschovaki 2024-06-05
Elena Papadaki Foreign Language Center, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki 2024-06-05
Damiana Koutsomiha American Farm School 2024-06-05
Michalis Kalamaras Publishing consultant 2024-06-04
Brigitte Goulet Scientific evaluator 2024-06-02
Laurie Halse Anderson Writer 2024-05-23
Matt Campbell Producer 2024-05-18
Gary Proctor 2024-05-18
Rachel Mounsey Journalist 2024-05-18
Jon Fernandez Perez Sociedad de Ciencias Aranzadi 2024-05-15
José Ignacio Conde Consultant 2024-05-10
Ana Urrestarazu Basque Language Publisher\'s Association 2024-05-09
Lars Popp Autor 2024-05-08
Andreas Degkwitz Former Director of the Library of the Humboldt-University Berlin and Writer 2024-05-07
José Ignacio Galparsoro University of the Basque Country 2024-05-07
María Asuncion Arnedo Dickinson College 2024-05-06
Sarah McGaughey Dickinson College 2024-05-06
Ferdinand Burghardt Teacher 2024-05-03
Leire Nuere-Salgado UFV Learning Innovation 2024-05-02
Kamil Činátl Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague 2024-05-02
Jan-Philippe Lücke Painter 2024-04-25
Ralph Zade Lektor 2024-04-25
Sabine Gruber Philologin, privat 2024-04-25
Karsten Janz Walter-Eucken-Gymnasium und Kaufmännische Schulen I 2024-04-24
Constantin Lehenmeier 2024-04-24
Rainer Hartmann Therapeut u. Mediator 2024-04-24
Miguel Beas Miranda Universidad de Granada 2024-04-23
liza morelli teacher 2024-04-22
liza morelli teacher 2024-04-21
Marina Raouzeou Teacher at MSVF Tripolis Peloponnese 2024-04-20
Martina Ozbič Logos, logopedinja-surdopedagoginja, specialna in rehabilitacijska pedagoginja 2024-04-19
Ruxandra Gidei Student and Online Reading Promoter, Romania 2024-04-19
Tamara Butigan National Library of Serbia 2024-04-17
Carmen Gabaldón García Full Professor of Chemical Engineering. Universitat de València, Spain 2024-04-10
Anna Janus Tadeusz Różewicz Municipal Public Library in Wrocław 2024-04-10
Hugo Setzer President of the Mexican Publishers Association (CANIEM) 2024-04-09
Paola Sverzellati Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milano, Italy 2024-04-03
Emili Giralt Guarro 2024-04-01
María Jesús Villamón Grafóloga y Perito Calígrafo 2024-03-25
Jana Tomancová Krajská knihovna Františka Bartoše ve Zlíně 2024-03-22
Aris Karatarakis thinking 2024-03-22
Dimitrios Tsoukatos Lemvos editions, Athens 2024-03-21
LIDIJA MLINARIČ OŠ Miklavž pri Ormožu 2024-03-20
Irena Szabóvá Městská knihovna Blansko, Czech republic 2024-03-20
Marc Grau Grau Universitat Internacional de Catalunya 2024-03-20
Javier Lafuente Rector of Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona 2024-03-19
Vega Pep Maestro 2024-03-18
Estanislau Fons-Sole Universitat de Lleida 2024-03-18
Josep Domingo 2024-03-16
Emmanuelle Chaloux/ ABC Lotbinière, Canada 2024-03-15
Amàlia Artiga Biòloga, professora de fomació professional de sanitat 2024-03-15
Anna Canals Editorial Text 2024-03-15
Núria González Pérez privat - reader and editor 2024-03-15
Eduard Martorell Sabaté UIC, TEXT (Grup Enciclopèdia) 2024-03-15
Anna Sabata Aliberch UVIC-UCC 2024-03-15
Sílvia Mas Sañé UVic-UCC (UManresa) 2024-03-15
Maria Pujol Valls Universitat Internacional de Catalunya 2024-03-14
David Picher Terol Biblioteca de la Escuela de Arte y Superior de Diseñó de Alcoy 2024-03-14
Montserrat Pedreira UManresa 2024-03-14
Carlos Alonso Arias IES Josep Maria LLompart 2024-03-14
Salvador Otamendi Fudio Congreso de los Diputados (España) 2024-03-14
Christina Howes Universidad Internacional de Catalunya; Universidad Autònoma de Barcelona 2024-03-14
Gwenn-Aëlle GEFFROY Education Nationale 2024-03-14
Jose Bilbao Pedagogo 2024-03-12
Tina Grahl Librarian, Germany 2024-03-12
Martin Schult Friedenspreis des Deutschen Buchhandels 2024-03-12
Jonathan Molina Writer 2024-03-12
Jose Afonso Furtado Former Art Library Director at Gulbenkian Foundation (Lisbon). Member of the of the Honor Committee of the National Reading Plan (Portugal). Researcher, writer and lecturer. 2024-03-12
Bashir Nuckchady Former Educator, Writer and Columnist 2024-03-11
Rocío Fernández Cordero Library. Universidad Pablo de Olavide (UPO) Sevilla, Spain 2024-03-10
Chloé Vicente The International School Nido de Aguilas 2024-03-09
Laura Baena García University of Granada 2024-03-09
Vinnelly Joe Spain 2024-03-09
Gracia Jiménez Fernández University of Granada 2024-03-09
Jorge Juan Sánchez Iglesias Facultad de Traducción y Documentación. University of Salamanca (Spain) 2024-03-08
Joan Vigó Poeta i Narrador 2024-03-08
Jorge Alexander Rodríguez Otálora Universidad Libre Seccional Cali 2024-03-07
Daniel Ginebroza Conde National Distance Education University (UNED) 2024-03-07
Maria Luisa Mejia Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana 2024-03-07
Laura Cabezas Vega Universidad de Granada 2024-03-06
Daniel Daniel Felipe Varon Molina SENA 2024-03-06
Luis Navarro Universidade de Vigo, Spain 2024-03-06
Ángel Javier Gallego Morales Profesor de Derecho del Trabajo. Universidad de Granada 2024-03-06
Amelina Correa Universidad de Granada 2024-03-06
Sultana Wahnón Universidad de Granada 2024-03-06
CARMEN SANCHEZ Universidad de Jaén 2024-03-06
Ramón Roldán Herreruela IES Alfonso Moreno 2024-03-06
Margarita Ramírez-Reyes Librarian. University of Granada. Spain 2024-03-06
Julio Santiago Mind, Brain, and Behavior Research Center, University of Granada, Spain 2024-03-06
Jesús Rodrigo-Comino University of Granada 2024-03-06
Rosa María García Universidad de Granada. Biblioteca 2024-03-06
Ortega-Martín José Luis Universidad de Granada 2024-03-06
Ángel Padilla Arroba University of Granada 2024-03-06
Raquel Ferrández Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia 2024-03-05
José María García-Consuegra Flores IES Montes Orientales 2024-03-05
Pamela Cepeda Young Living Academy 2024-03-05
Noa Franco González 2024-03-05
Christian Torres Medina Universidad Politécnica Salesiana 2024-03-05
Anxo Rodríguez 2024-03-05
Helena Losada Therapist 2024-03-05
Joan-Carles Ambrojo Journalist and Documentary Filmmaker 2024-03-05
Osuna Patricia Greta Libros con Garbo 2024-03-04
Lopez-Contreras Carmen 2024-03-04
Clara Marcela Betancur Arcila Learning Center Advisor 2024-03-04
Sinead Kehoe St Peters school Barcelona 2024-03-04
Vara Gallego Mari Carmen 2024-03-04
Ramón Castejón Bolea Instituto Lopez Piñero- UMH 2024-03-04
Anna Maliszewska International Trilingual School of Warsaw 2024-03-04
Miriam Escacena García Tu Guía Montessori 2024-03-04
Luisa Maria Bravo Solas 2024-03-04
Ramos Arteaga José Antonio Universidad de La Laguna 2024-03-04
Rodrigo Pardo-Fernandez Instituto de Investigaciones Filosoficas Luis Villoro (Mexico) 2024-03-03
Raúl Navarro Zárate Universitat de Barcelona 2024-03-03
Guillermo Debén Ariznavarreta Hospital Universitario A Coruña 2024-03-03
Diana Merlino Student 2024-03-03
Diego Hernán García Diego Fares libros 2024-03-02
Miguel Agudo Zamora University of Córdoba (Spain). Full Professor Constitutional Law 2024-03-02
Juan Poblete University of California-Santa Cruz 2024-03-02
René Rodríguez García Educador social - Consejería de Educación de la Comunidad de Madrid - Activista en la Plataforma Adolescencia Libre de Móviles 2024-03-02
Medici Denise Hospital Vithas 9 de octubre, Valencia. Spain 2024-03-02
Larrinaga-Cuadra Andere University of the Basque Country, UPV/EHU 2024-03-02
Herrero Clara Europa International School (Spain) 2024-03-02
Federico Winer Universidad de Buenos Aires 2024-03-02
Guillermo Gutiérrez Instituto Nacional de Administración Pública 2024-03-02
José Higuera UNED-Spain 2024-03-02
Zsolt Farkas Csirimojó Publishing House 2024-03-01
José Ramón Arredondo Sánchez UPCT Barcelona Tech Tècnic de Laboratori 2024-03-01
Marcus Steinbrenner Pädagogische Hochschule Heidelberg 2024-02-29
Juan José Ispizua EHU - Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea 2024-02-29
Juan Mata Universidad de Granada 2024-02-28
ALINE VALLEJO Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia 2024-02-28
Corina Toader Editor-in-Chief, Corint Publishing House, Romania 2024-02-22
Roxana Nicolaide Corint Publishing House 2024-02-22
Marinela Nistor Financial Manager - Corint Publishing House 2024-02-22
Shauki Al-Gareeb YA & Commercial Fiction Editorial Director, Corint Publishing House 2024-02-22
Sorin-Cătălin Turturică Editura Corint 2024-02-22
Florin-Răzvan Mihai Romanian Authors Collection Coordinator, Corint Publishing House, Romania 2024-02-22
Roxana Liritis Corint Publishing House, Romania 2024-02-22
Roxana Geanta Editor-in-Chief, Corint Publishing House 2024-02-22
Mikel Lorenzo Forcada Zubizarreta Retired university professor 2024-02-22
Alexandru-Paul Gheorghe Editor at Corint Publishing House 2024-02-22
Luiza Penescu CEO Corint Publishing House 2024-02-22
Alina-Mihaela Bâltâc editor, Corint Publishing House 2024-02-22
Marti Blesa 2024-02-22
Ela Nicorescu Account manager Corint Publishing House 2024-02-22
ENACHE MARILENA Account Manager Corint Publishing House 2024-02-22
Elena Livia Gavrila account manager-Corint Publishing House 2024-02-22
Medeea Negutescu Foreign Rights Officer Corint Publishing House Romania 2024-02-22
OPREA FLORI Key Account Manager Corint Publishing House 2024-02-22
Flori Bălănescu Corint Publishing House, Editorial Coordinator 2024-02-22
Liviu Szoke Editor at Corint Publishing House 2024-02-22
Gabriel Scininteia GMG 2024-02-22
Cristian Gresanu CEO Corint Publishing House 2024-02-22
Raúl Ruiz Callado Decano de la Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales de la Universidad de Alicante 2024-02-22
Carles Cortés Orts Universitat d\'Alacant 2024-02-22
Juan José Ispizua Hormaetxea Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea (UPV/EHU) 2024-02-22
Florina Arsenie translator, Romania 2024-02-22
Adriana Nica PR Manager Corint Publishing House 2024-02-21
Karol Karol Ramírez IES CINOC 2024-02-21
Alberto Plaza Cámara Fundación Educativa San José de Cluny 2024-02-21
Ana María Casino García Universidad Católica de Valencia 2024-02-21
Goikoetxea Ander University of the Basque Country 2024-02-21
Alex Fernandez Muerza University of the Basque Country 2024-02-21
Cecilia Brandenhoff Privat 2024-02-21
Simonas Kairys Minister of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania 2024-02-21
Ignasi Casadesús Xarxa Vives d\'Universitats 2024-02-20
Elena Pardo 2024-02-20
Stefanie Kohl Grundschule 2024-02-20
Ion Iriarte Mondragon Unibertsitatea 2024-02-20
Rafael Viñambres Romero Colegio Salesianos Paseo 2024-02-20
Maria Fanjul Universidad Pontificia de Comillas 2024-02-20
Laura Moré Universitat de Girona. Biblioteca 2024-02-20
Juli Peretó Universitat de València 2024-02-20
Vanesa Amat UVic-UCC 2024-02-20
Montserrat Massip Bonet Universitat de Barcelona 2024-02-20
Bértolo Inés Profesora 2024-02-19
Susana UPV/EHU 2024-02-19
Enric Prats Universitat de Barcelona. Facultat d’Educació 2024-02-19
Tirado Ramos Miguel Ángel Inspector of Education 2024-02-18
Rut Castanera Professore 2024-02-18
Srđan Kosić Professional Engineer / Further studies at Faculty of Industrial Engineering (FINI), Novo mesto, Slovenia 2024-02-18
Luca Ferrieri Fondazione Per Leggere 2024-02-18
Ivon Segura Oxford House 2024-02-17
Josep M Cos Quixal Professor 2024-02-17
Ortega Morales Cristina La Torreta (Elda, Spain) 2024-02-17
Danúbia Menezes Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (UFPE) 2024-02-17
Jill Haywood Private Teacher 2024-02-16
Crespo Saumell Jordi UIB 2024-02-16
Vega y Vega Jorge Juan ULPGC (LINDOLENEX) 2024-02-16
López Gutiérrez Cristina Journalist 2024-02-16
Marina Tello Educator 2024-02-16
Aitor Castañeda-Zumeta University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) 2024-02-16
Rodríguez Irene Reader 2024-02-16
Roser Benavides Ollé University of Girona. Library 2024-02-16
Rafael Ramos Nogales Universitat de Girona 2024-02-16
Jaume Rufí Pagès Universitat de Girona. Biblioteca 2024-02-16
José Ruiz-Navarro Universidad de Cádiz (Spain) 2024-02-16
Mercè Mestre Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Servei de Biblioteques 2024-02-16
Edgar Alberto Riera Perez Universidad Yacambú 2024-02-16
Javier Fedele CURDIUR CONICET/UNR (Arg) 2024-02-16
José A. Olmeda National University of Distance Education 2024-02-15
Antoni Aixala Buira 2024-02-15
Sandra Carbajo Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya 2024-02-15
Elies Villalonga Mathematician 2024-02-15
Félix Manito Fundación Kreanta, España 2024-02-15
Amadeu Pi Engineer 2024-02-15
Rosalia Muñoz 2024-02-15
Luis Muñoz Labopat 2024-02-15
Margarita Mir Peinado Mestra. Escola pública Les Llisses (Lliçà de Vall. Barcelona) 2024-02-15
Eduard Juanmartí Generès Institut d\'Ensenyament Secundari Manuel de Cabanyes (Vilanova i la Geltrú) 2024-02-15
Pilar Fernandez Artiach Universitat de València 2024-02-15
Josep Manuel Prats FAPEL 2024-02-15
Montserrat Camps-Gaset Universitat de Barcelona 2024-02-15
IVAN ROMULO ARANA SAENZ Universidad Nacional Abierta y a Distancia –UNAD–, Colombia 2024-02-15
Enrique Piacentini Htal Universitari Mutua Terrassa 2024-02-15
Francesc-Andreu Martínez-Gallego Universidad de Valencia (Spain) 2024-02-15
Àngel Quintana Morraja Degà de la Facultat de Lletres. Universitat de Girona 2024-02-15
Montserrat Méndez Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya 2024-02-15
Albert Soler Llopart Professor. Universitat de Barcelona 2024-02-15
Gorka Bóveda Asociación Sociocultural HASTEN 2024-02-15
Fidel Aritmendi Universidad Complutense de Madrid (senior student) 2024-02-15
Mireia Perez Cervera Universitat Oberta de Catalunya 2024-02-15
Antonio Castillo Gómez University of Alcalá 2024-02-15
Joan Bosch Ballbona Universitat de Girona 2024-02-15
Gabriel Fernandez-Borsot Universitat Internacional de Catalunya 2024-02-15
Andrea Acquarone Il Secolo XIX 2024-02-15
Jaume Torró Torrent Universitat de Girona, Catedràtic d\'Universitat 2024-02-15
Víctor Javier Vázquez Alonso Universidad de Sevilla 2024-02-15
Angel Rodriguez Universidad de Malaga 2024-02-15
José Luis Grande Quesada Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - BarcelonaTech 2024-02-15
Xavier Arbós Universitat de Barcelona 2024-02-15
Gracia-Ramos M Carmen Universitat de Barcelona 2024-02-15
Guifré Puig UPC 2024-02-14
joan subirats Universitat Autònoima Barcelona 2024-02-14
Anne-Thea Haavind The Norwegian Festival of Literature 2024-02-14
Ksenija Šabec University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences 2024-02-14
Narayan Narayan Kamble Dr. BAMU Aurangabad 2024-02-09
Matea Vlaskalic 2024-02-08
Birthe Hoffmann University of Copenhagen, Department of English, German and Romance Studies 2024-02-08
Julia S. Happ Teacher and Writer 2024-02-08
Leyla Suanzes Al-Zubaidi Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña 2024-02-07
Birgitte Boisen 2024-02-06
Michael Buskjær Rasmussen Engineer 2024-02-06
Javier Picos Martín Periodista 2024-02-06
Monika Schlitzer DK Verlag 2024-02-06
Troels Troels Andersen Humboldt Universität zu Berlin 2024-02-05
Eva Wallner Lehrerin 2024-02-03
Savina Zwitter Bralno društvo Slovenije 2024-01-28
Peter Lütken Hertel-Storm Bagkanten 2024-01-28
Luciano Vieira Machado Privat 2024-01-26
Karsten Thomsen Rødovre Library, Denmark 2024-01-26
Mikolaj Malaczynski Legimi SA 2024-01-25
Paul Hermans Flanders Literature 2024-01-25
Els De Deken 2024-01-25
Asumpta Garcia González Uam 2024-01-24
Anheli Anheli pimentel Universidad de las mujeres 2024-01-23
antonio ponti CPO Piemonte 2024-01-22
Andreja Černe Novak Andreja OŠ Martina Konšaka Maribor 2024-01-21
Jürgen H. Wolf Teacher 2024-01-18
Juli Schülner Teacher 2024-01-16
martina evangelista LaAV Letture ad Alta Voce 2024-01-16
Vladimíra Maksová AK JU České Budějovice 2024-01-16
Lučka Drnovšek Teacher, Slovenija 2024-01-15
f xuantong library 2024-01-15
Marlene Meding helenos verlag 2024-01-14
Javier Fernández Campano UCO 2024-01-12
ROCÍO SANTAMARIA MARTÍNEZ Director of the Nebrija University 2024-01-12
Tanja Krombach Deutsches Kulturforum östliches Europa e. V. 2024-01-11
César Rodríguez-Barrantes Colegio Católico San Ambrosio 2024-01-09
Henrique Alvarellos President of Galician Publishers Association 2024-01-09
Anne-Mette Noack Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels 2024-01-08
Enrico Bocciolesi University of Urbino \'Carlo Bo\', Dept. DISTUM, Italy 2024-01-08
Susan Jenkins Writer, Translator, and Lecturer 2024-01-04
Annette Rubin Lehrerin 2024-01-04
Liz McGettigan The Design Concept 2024-01-04
Jonas Damgaard-Mørch Publisher 2024-01-03
Sonja Starc Univerza na Primorskem, Pedagoška fakulteta 2024-01-02
Helena Kučerová Charles University, Faculty of Arts, Praha 2024-01-01
Ernesto Salcedo Our 2023-12-31
ernesto salcedo propio 2023-12-31
Jakob Sorgenfri Kjær Journalist, Politiken, Denmark 2023-12-31
Laura Mintegi Writer. University of the Basque Country 2023-12-29
Marta Muscariello IULM University 2023-12-27
Jon Antomás Pascual Reader 2023-12-26
Cathrine Hasse Aarhus University/Danish PEN 2023-12-26
Cathrine Hasse Aarhus University 2023-12-26
Mads Johansen Consultant 2023-12-22
Klaus Kempf 2023-12-21
Daniel Crespo Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya 2023-12-19
Maria de Fátima Fernandes Pereira Digital Editions Coordinator, Editora Intrínseca Ltda., Brazil 2023-12-19
Alenka Helbl Member of National Assembly Republik of Slovenia 2023-12-19
Pejić Dare reader 2023-12-19
Dr. Panagiotis Kapos Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences 2023-12-18
Giner David reader, lawyer, writer 2023-12-18
Dorte Ågård Former classroom management researcher, Denmark 2023-12-18
Jesper Balslev Copenhagen School of Design and Technology 2023-12-17
Anna Härter student 2023-12-16
Rachel Rachel McNicholl ITIA 2023-12-14
Olga Radetzkaja Literary translator 2023-12-14
Tanya Farrelly Author 2023-12-13
Debbie Folaron Concordia University, Montreal 2023-12-13
William Roy Concordia University, Montreal 2023-12-12
Gretelill Svendsen 2023-12-12
Kjersti Lundetræ Direktorat, Norwegian Centre for Reading Education and Research 2023-12-12
Jennifer Jennifer Fearon Sheffield Hallam University 2023-12-12
Onja Tekavčič Grad Slovensko združenje za preprečevanje samomora 2023-12-12
Louis Jolicoeur Université Laval, Québec 2023-12-12
Juliette Janušić SVIMA 2023-12-12
Trish Van Bolderen Dublin City University (DCU) 2023-12-12
Amanda Mannix Reader / translator / citizen of the world 2023-12-12
Richard Berengarten poet; study skills trainer at Downing College and Pembroke College, Cambridge 2023-12-11
Stephen Doswell Chartered Institute of Linguists 2023-12-11
Richard Huddleson Ollscoil Mhá Nuad 2023-12-11
Darren Patrick Mag Aoidh University of Dublin, Translator 2023-12-11
Vladimir Deléyade Estrada Portales Universidad Dominicana O&M 2023-12-11
Máire Nic Mheanman Translator 2023-12-11
Luīze Pastore Writer, Latvia 2023-12-11
Michael Cronin Trinity College Dublin 2023-12-11
Mabel Diaz Beltran Student - Diploma in Written Culture and Readers\' Education - Universidad Adolfo Ibañez 2023-12-11
Mabel Diaz Beltran Student - Diploma in Written Culture and Readers\' Education - Universidad Adolfo Ibañez 2023-12-11
Marija Tomic 2023-12-09
Sofía Ramírez Instituto Cultural de Aguascalientes-Universidad de las Artes 2023-12-08
José Humanes Humanes Software Developer 2023-12-08
Veena D\'Souza Reader 2023-12-08
Megan Tulloch-Nasir Mentone Girls\' Secondary College 2023-12-08
Nataša Grom 2023-12-07
Andrew Scrogham Newcastle upon Tyne Public Libraries, UK 2023-12-07
Andrea Dömsödy School Librarian\'s Association in Hungary 2023-12-07
V. Krishnappa RV University Bengaluru 2023-12-07
Catherine Woodberry Librarian, Aus 2023-12-07
Noémi Defossez Birkbeck College, University of London 2023-12-06
Galo Ghigliotto Universidad de Santiago de Chile (USACH) 2023-12-06
Célia Comte Editor 2023-12-06
Mitja Drab Physicist 2023-12-06
Joachim Kramp Gesamtschule Alsdorf 2023-12-05
Andreas Thiergen Quenstedt-Gymnasium Mössingen 2023-12-05
Elizabeth Pinel HE Librarian, UK 2023-12-05
Natalie Lafferty University of Dundee, UK 2023-12-04
Konstantinos Griparis Ministry of Culture (Greece) 2023-12-04
María Díaz Tébar Librarian 2023-12-03
Gisela Dr.Brude-Firnau Emerita, University of Waterloo, Waterloo Ontario,Canada 2023-12-03
Sabine Coldehoff LeseHorizont 2023-12-02
Alfonso González Hermoso de Mendoza Asociación K60 Espacios de Educación Superior 2023-12-02
Glen Nookadu Former Bookshop Coordinator 2023-12-01
Karupudayyan Kavinien Primary School Educator, Writer and Translator 2023-12-01
Arbind tiwary Youth Unity for Voluntary Action 2023-12-01
Reinhard Hanausch Antiquar 2023-12-01
Miriam Watchorn DCU 2023-12-01
Miha Horvat Miha Ustanova Fundacija Sonda + GT22 2023-12-01
Lucía Pérez Vallée Writer 2023-11-30
Leonardo Gutiérrez Arellano Writer 2023-11-30
Radovan Fuchs Minister of Science and Education, Croatia 2023-11-30
Ana Zdravje Društvo bibliotekarjev Ljubljana 2023-11-30
Petra Ševčíková 2023-11-30
Aija Jankava The Library Association of Latvia 2023-11-30
Elin Marie Voie Re videregående skole 2023-11-30
Emils Rotgalvis National Library of Latvia 2023-11-30
Janez Krek University of Ljubljana Faculty of Education 2023-11-29
Gisela Hagenau Bürgerstiftung Düren 2023-11-29
Iva Ušćmlić writer 2023-11-29
Maja Mrvos Reader and teacher 2023-11-29
Ira Payer Visual communications designer, Superstudio Zagreb 2023-11-29
Peter Schopohl Privat 2023-11-29
Barbara Rieger writer 2023-11-29
Tomas Kubicek Director of the Moravian Library 2023-11-29
Brit Dybvad Clausen 2023-11-28
Cindy Poh TAR UMT 2023-11-28
Tereza Michelova Městská knihovna Vamberk 2023-11-28
Jürgen Sasse Reader 2023-11-28
Bonich Mònica Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya 2023-11-28
Hanne Ingerslev 2023-11-28
Marie Seda National Library of the Czech Republic 2023-11-28
David Coles Engineer 2023-11-28
Shruthi Subramanian 2023-11-28
Teresa Grau Ros Librarian 2023-11-27
Ann-Kristin Oestreicher Frankfurter Buchmesse 2023-11-27
Gerardo Kloss Fernández del Castillo Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana (México) 2023-11-27
Peter Reid Bath Spa University 2023-11-27
Stane Borovnik Ex Bookseller/Bookbuyer 2023-11-27
Hannele Legras Willig Hannele & Associates 2023-11-27
Juergen Boos Frankfurter Buchmesse 2023-11-27
Cornelia Kurth 2023-11-27
Roger Marshall Writer 2023-11-27
Daiva Nakrošienė Librarian, Lithuania 2023-11-27
Elena Tonus 2023-11-27
Roland Ißler Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main 2023-11-27
Alīse Nīgale Liels un Mazs, children’s book publisher 2023-11-27
Irmgard Reeg Gymnasium 2023-11-27
Angela Applegate Royal College of Art 2023-11-27
Sinus Reuss Writer 2023-11-27
Michael Wögerbauer Institute of Czech Literature, Czech Academy of Sciences 2023-11-27
Līga Sīle 2023-11-27
Anant Sharma Student, University of Warwick 2023-11-26
Concepción Paredes-Olay Universidad de Jaén 2023-11-26
Roberto Alvarez-Gómez Universidad de Almería 2023-11-26
GP Singh Defence Management 2023-11-26
Kathryn Dean Retired: doctorate in Political Economy, University of London 2023-11-25
Sheila Webber University of Sheffield, UK 2023-11-25
Martyn Everett Gibson Library Society 2023-11-25
Susanne van Rijn Leiden University 2023-11-25
Taja Jereb 2023-11-24
Piotr Świetlik Librarian, Writer 2023-11-24
Ana Leite 2023-11-24
Winfried Hörning Suhrkamp Verlag AG 2023-11-24
Christoph Hassenzahl Suhrkamp Verlag AG / Rights & Foreign Rights 2023-11-24
Nora Mercurio Suhrkamp Verlag, Berlin 2023-11-24
Silvija Indriksone Librarian and translator 2023-11-24
Olaf Thomas 2023-11-24
Nina Mav Hrovat Writer 2023-11-23
Inge Straub Offener Lesekreis Hospiz Verein Konstanz 2023-11-23
Danica Polak Gruden Vodja Kabineta ministra za vzgojo in izobraževanje 2023-11-23
Isabelle Weykmans Minister of Culture and Sport, Employment and Media of the German-speaking Community of Belgium 2023-11-23
Meta Kramar upokojena klinična psihologinja 2023-11-23
Ligia Deca Romanian Minister of Education 2023-11-23
Kika KIKA KATTAMH Teacher 2023-11-23
Paavana Varma Reader 2023-11-23
Anna Iltnere National Library of Latvia 2023-11-23
Nika Rožnik knjižnica OŠ Polhov Gradec 2023-11-23
Madara Freivalde National Library of Latvia, Library Development centre specialist at work with children and young adult 2023-11-23
Shubha Priya 2023-11-23
Paromita Goswami 2023-11-23
Alok Alok Dube OWL Academy 2023-11-23
Srividya Thyagarajan Independent Reader 2023-11-23
Mathilde Landgrebe 2023-11-22
Bryn Roberts Human Translation Project 2023-11-22
Shampa Sen Reader 2023-11-22
Nandini Reddy Writer 2023-11-22
Sushmita Sridhar 2023-11-22
Kamalini Natesan Alliance Française 2023-11-22
Chetan Mahajan Himalayan Writing Retreat 2023-11-22
Lotta Edholm Ministry of Education & Research, Sweden 2023-11-22
Ane Konste Latvian Literature 2023-11-22
Girija Girija Joshi Reliance Foundation 2023-11-22
Girija Joshi Reliance Foundation 2023-11-22
Jonathan Landgrebe Suhrkamp Verlag AG 2023-11-22
Mafalda Milhões Ilustrator, bookseller 2023-11-22
Ieva Balode International Writers\' and Translators\' House 2023-11-22
Rita Dementjeva Latvian Literature 2023-11-22
Ildze Jansone Platform Latvian Literature 2023-11-22
Nenad Bogdanovic Reader, Cyprus 2023-11-22
Alix Landgrebe Goethe- Institut 2023-11-21
Eduardo Borba da Silva Instituto Acoriano de Cultura 2023-11-21
Subhendu Sarkar Indian Institute of Technology Ropar 2023-11-21
Trasvin Jittidecharak Silkworm Books 2023-11-21
Katrina Kukaine The National Library of Latvia, Development department director 2023-11-21
Renate Punka Latvian Publishers Association 2023-11-21
Anže Slana Osnovna šola Stranje and Oksimoron cultural society president 2023-11-21
Ditka Kobol Ditka CIRIUS KAMNIK 2023-11-21
Miroslav Nidorfer Inštitut za logoterapijo 2023-11-21
Vishweshwer VISHWESHWER MANGALAPALLI Global Village Consultig 2023-11-21
Alenka Kepic Mohar Mladinska knjiga Publishing House 2023-11-21
Marjana Hodak 2023-11-21
Vasant Bang Practman School of Organisational Learning , Pune, India 2023-11-21
Kamlesh Yagnuk SRKKF 2023-11-21
Abu Aakash Abu Aakash Afridi Institute of Management Sciences 2023-11-21
Shriya Saha Lotus Valley International School, Gurugram 2023-11-21
Hrishikesh Kashyapa Reader/Writer/Poet/Thinker 2023-11-20
Joana Lamas Universidade de Lisboa - Faculdade de Letras 2023-11-20
Luisa Lamas Reader 2023-11-20
Martin Martin H - 2023-11-20
Robert P Robert P Doyle Public Prosecution Service of Canada 2023-11-20
Ana Inácio 2023-11-20
Teotónio Barroqueiro Lisbon University (Portugal) 2023-11-20
Robert Bandurka University of Saskatchewan (Retired) 2023-11-20
Raymond Bystrom Writer, Professor, Pastor 2023-11-20
Juraj Heger Association of Publishers and Booksellers of the Slovak Republic (President) 2023-11-20
Pia Župan Muck Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia 2023-11-20
Johann Meiner Felix Meiner Verlag GmbH 2023-11-20
David Dolson Statistician 2023-11-20
Constanze Neumann Aufbau Verlage 2023-11-20
Tea Rogelj Slovenska dramaturginja in kustosinja/Slovenian Dramaturge and Curator 2023-11-20
Kapš Peter psihiater 2023-11-20
Klaus Kemke Schule 2023-11-20
Sumit Kumar Mukherjee Delhi Public School Varanasi 2023-11-20
Anbazhagan Sam Venkatesan 2023-11-20
Marta Cerar Lotriċ 2023-11-19
Lise Nerlov Fag og kultur - publishing house 2023-11-19
Marilyn Gracey Augustine Madras Christian College 2023-11-19
Ashik Bonofer Madras Christian College 2023-11-19
Bojan Belec The Counselling Centre for Children, Adolescents and Parents, Ljubljana 2023-11-19
tripti sinha Sri Krishna Medical College, Muzaffarpur, Bihar, India 2023-11-19
Sashibhusan Rath Writer & Reader, Convener Litterateur Padmashri Chandrasekhar Rath Foundation,Odisha,India 2023-11-19
Margot Bock Lesekreis Stadtbücherei Bochum Querenburg 2023-11-19
Meghs Sreyus Student 2023-11-19
Jimmy Matthew Jos Ecwa theological seminary 2023-11-19
Minu Harikumar Loyola College of Social Sciences 2023-11-19
Ethan Wu Journalist 2023-11-18
Sarah Thanish Potsdam Universität 2023-11-18
Sajid Sajid Zafar University of Cambridge 2023-11-18
Simana Sanyal Educator 2023-11-18
Mukarram Thabal University of the Punjab, Lahore 2023-11-18
Ms Hibah Masud Higher Education department, Lahore, Pakistan 2023-11-18
Jacqueline Leffin Pater-Damian-Schulen 2023-11-18
Marcel Schmetz Pater-Damian-Sekundarschule Eupen/Belgien 2023-11-18
Wendell Wendell Welder 2023-11-18
Shinjini Sinha 2023-11-18
Shreejayinee Sinha 2023-11-18
Andrej Škoberne Andrej Doctor 2023-11-18
Ajwad Hakim Reader 2023-11-18
Remidi Praneeth 2023-11-18
Ekta Aggarwal Independent 2023-11-18
Morthekai P Morthekai Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeosciences, Lucknow, India 2023-11-18
Udaya Udaya Rajesh Holistiq Canvas 2023-11-18
Senapathi Hari The Indian school Bahrain 2023-11-18
Rupa Rupa PalChowdhury Cambridge School 2023-11-18
Iztok Lešer Psychiatrist 2023-11-17
Knific Jana Reader, Doctor, Institute of Oncology Ljubljana 2023-11-17
Petek Jožica bralka 2023-11-17
Anja Štefan Anja writer 2023-11-17
Metka Pekle Reader 2023-11-17
Sri Joydip Chakladar Author, Editor, Publisher, NGO leader Sri Joydip Ashram Gyan Yoga Traning and Research Centre 2023-11-17
Raquel Lorca Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya 2023-11-17
Breda Jelen Sobočan 2023-11-17
Vidya Ramanan Madras Christian College 2023-11-17
Jonathan Beck Verlag C.H.Beck 2023-11-17
Bing Han Reader 2023-11-17
Lukka Deepthi Central University of Andhra Pradesh 2023-11-17
Roopa Arun Head of Pedagogy and Academic Innovation,Tech Avant Garde 2023-11-17
Leslie Nielsen Writer; Instructor, South Gate Creative Writing School, Denmark 2023-11-17
Suzanne Ariss-Ryan Reader and Poet 2023-11-17
Geetha Geetha Seshan Velammal New Gen Edu network 2023-11-17
Casadevall Luque Marina UPC 2023-11-17
Barbara Barbara Roelle Reader 2023-11-17
Barbara Roelle Reader 2023-11-17
Ekta Vaishnav Saint Paul\'s School Rajkot 2023-11-17
Dr. Abhinawa Talukdar GCMS, Guwahati 2023-11-17
Daniela Hodapp Universität Regensburg, Zentrale Studienberatung 2023-11-17
Sudheer Sudhakaran SCMS Cochin School of Business 2023-11-17
Vera Hajela City Montessori School 2023-11-17
Prasanna P K Dash 2023-11-17
Scott Milton Doctor 2023-11-17
Nikhil Saraf Stones2Milestones 2023-11-17
Aamna Aamna Tyagi Student 2023-11-17
Bulu Maharana Sambalpur University, Odisha, India 2023-11-17
Muhammad Azhar ul Haq Reader 2023-11-16
Spaska Tarandova Global Libraries Bulgaria Foundation 2023-11-16
Kavi Mitra La Martiniere for Girls 2023-11-16
Marta López Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) Libraries 2023-11-16
Supantha Bhattacharyya Hislop College, Nagpur 2023-11-16
Dr Pranav Menon Aligarh Muslim University 2023-11-16
Solenn Das Grammont Cite scolaire Internationale 2023-11-16
Nancy Russell Waggoner 2023-11-16
Subhrashis Adhikari Writer 2023-11-16
Srividya Sivakumar 2023-11-16
Antonia Stock Buchhandlung Libra 2023-11-16
Shalini Menezes Goa University 2023-11-16
Simon Gros Simon Reader 2023-11-16
B L Ila bl DVS Arts Science and Commerce college Shivamogga, Karnataka, India. 2023-11-16
Tjaša Urankar Slovenian Book Agency - Javna agencija za knjigo RS 2023-11-16
Rita Chakraborty Academic 2023-11-16
Sudhansu Mohanty Former Indian bureaucrat 2023-11-16
Abdul Khan PRIVATE 2023-11-16
Babu Rajan Academic 2023-11-16
Rikke rikke barfod Author 2023-11-16
Kristenn einarsson World Expression Forum 2023-11-16
Tamara Vonta National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia, deputy 2023-11-16
Marta Roca Lefler Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya 2023-11-16
Albert P\'Rayan Freelance education columnist 2023-11-16
Shyamala Das 2023-11-16
Barkat Ali Self-reader 2023-11-16
Alexandra Trianti School of Pedagogical and Technological Education 2023-11-16
Adarsh Vijay Madras Christian College 2023-11-16
raj rao Indian Institute of Management, Indore 2023-11-16
Aarti Aarti Bhardwaj Reader 2023-11-16
Naheed Akhtar Bharat Institute of Engineering and Technology 2023-11-16
Sugato Hazra pesonal 2023-11-16
SAJITH Balakrishnan Reader 2023-11-16
Joseph Nixon Childrens Lovecastles Trust( CLT India) 2023-11-16
Qamar Khokhar Pakistan High Commission Dhaka Bangladesh 2023-11-15
Díaz Carpi Estefania Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya 2023-11-15
Anjali Gupta Educator, Author 2023-11-15
Ignacio Gallego Universidad Politécnica de Madrid 2023-11-15
Colás Silvia Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) 2023-11-15
Ole Ivar Buraas Storoe The Association Read, Norway 2023-11-15
Boyer Lagos Maria Universidad politécnica de Madrid 2023-11-15
Yoldi Alejandro Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya 2023-11-15
Conxa Moncunill Vidal Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya 2023-11-15
Roslyn Bottoni Editor and speechwe 2023-11-15
Marloes Robijn Dutch Reading Foundation, IBBY-Netherlands 2023-11-15
Dr. CK Mathew Visiting Professor, Azim Premji University, Bangalore, India 2023-11-15
Antoni Béjar Farré Servicio de Bibliotecas. Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) 2023-11-15
Remei Garcia Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya(UPC) 2023-11-15
Ruth Íñigo Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) 2023-11-15
Barney Allan DCA Ltd 2023-11-15
Prats Jordi Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) 2023-11-15
Sivaraj D Programmer 2023-11-15
Raúl Aguilera Ortega Library Service, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M), Spain 2023-11-15
Fenoll Carme Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) 2023-11-15
Taïs Bagés Visa Servei de Biblioteques. Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) 2023-11-15
Luyao Shen HeZhou University 2023-11-15
Suraj Kumar Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences 2023-11-14
Pernille Jermiin Frost Textbook writer and independent consultant in reading 2023-11-14
Søren Jessen Writer 2023-11-14
Gerard Vidal Santos Servei de Biblioteques. Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) 2023-11-14
Mercè Piñol librarian 2023-11-14
Kenneth Krabat Dansk Forfatterforening [ Danish Authors\' Society ], chairman of Poets 2023-11-14
sylvie dhaene Iedereen Leest (Belgium) 2023-11-14
Monika Lustig - van Diesen Edition Converso - Mediterrane Sprachwelten 2023-11-14
Dídac Martínez Trujillo Servei de Biblioteques. Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya UPC 2023-11-14
Ulla Fasting Forlag Brændpunkt 2023-11-14
Karin Slot Christiansen writer, Denmark 2023-11-14
Hannah Dorthea Nielsen Interpreter 2023-11-14
Federico Marchetto Archimede Public Library (Settimo Torinese - Turin - Italy) 2023-11-14
Valentina Busso Biblioteca Archimede 2023-11-14
Troels Baagland University of Copenhagen 2023-11-13
ANTHONY BONO 2023-11-13
Valero Luis Universidad de Málaga 2023-11-13
Stefania Sechi Elisabethschule Gymnasium Marburg 2023-11-13
Anne Anne Bergman-Tahon Federation of European Publishers 2023-11-13
Sara Strand Reader 2023-11-12
Saša PERŠOH 2023-11-12
Renaud Lefebvre Directeur général du Syndicat national de l’édition (French Publishers Association) 2023-11-12
Helena Topolovec Prva gimnazija Maribor 2023-11-12
Andrea Nardi National Institute For Documentation, Innovation And Educational Research (INDIRE-Italy) 2023-11-12
Esther Miquel Montagud 2023-11-12
Matija Knapic Private 2023-11-12
Ute-Maria Trautwein Elisabethgymnasium Marburg 2023-11-11
Luigi Comi Translator, publisher 2023-11-11
Erik Majaron Publisher 2023-11-11
Ingrid Celestina Booksellers, publisher 2023-11-11
Karin Graf Agentur Graf&Graf 2023-11-10
Tamara Geratic Writer 2023-11-10
Elisa Elisa Primavera-Levy Editor, Sinn und Form 2023-11-09
Marko Pavliha University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport 2023-11-09
Meike Herrmann Literaturagentur 2023-11-09
Tanja Bisgaard Publisher 2023-11-09
Žiga Pinter Žiga Univerza v Ljubljani 2023-11-09
Karen Margolis Author, memberPEN Berlin, English PEN 2023-11-09
Hector Garcia Lenguu 2023-11-09
Antonio Vela Rubio University of Malaga / Malaga penitentiary center 2023-11-09
Torben Hansen Publisher 2023-11-09
Christina Yhman Kaarsberg Acquiring Editor, Gads Forlag 2023-11-09
Leïla BUSIDAN ETUDIANTE 2023-11-09
Tine Flyvholm Publisher 2023-11-09
Chloe Bouillol Bookstore 2023-11-09
Kerstin From 2023-11-09
ERIC BUSIDAN 2023-11-09
Jan Böttcher Berlin, Grundschule 2023-11-08
Ainhoa Perez Garijo Universidad Europea de Madrid 2023-11-08
Ann Cotten Lurch 2023-11-08
Ann Wertheimer 2023-11-08
Steffen Popp Poet 2023-11-08
Johann Reißer Writer 2023-11-08
Imogen Taylor Translator 2023-11-08
Jörn Lindskog Publisher 2023-11-08
Anja Kapunkt translator, photographer, writer 2023-11-08
Begoña Barceló Sarria Universidad de Málaga 2023-11-08
José Antonio Adrián University of Málaga, Spain 2023-11-08
Serafina Castro Zamudio Universidad de Málaga 2023-11-08
Doris in der Schmitten Teacher/Dortmund, Germany 2023-11-08
Nancy Hünger Leitung Studio Literatur und Theater / Eberhard-Karls Universität Tübingen 2023-11-07
Nina Jamar 2023-11-07
Hélio Plapler Federal University of São Paulo (retired) 2023-11-07
Katia Valevski Universidade Estadual do Norte Fluminense 2023-11-07
Henrique Mariano 2023-11-07
Manuel Llano University of Amsterdam, University Library 2023-11-07
Anizio Vianna Poet 2023-11-07
Mojca Zlokarnik Artist, University of Ljubljana 2023-11-07
Myriam Durán Universidad Complutense de Madrid 2023-11-07
Vanja Spačal Vanja SC Nova Gorica 2023-11-07
Jasna Kralj Pavlovec Self-employed in culture as an architect, designer, artist and lecturer 2023-11-07
Alenka Čuš Alenka Univerza v Trstu 2023-11-06
Diane Blumenfeld-Schaap Translator/Editor 2023-11-06
Ramiro Ribeiro Teacher 2023-11-06
Gabriel Almazán Instituto Juan Gris 2023-11-06
Deborah S Phillips - 2023-11-06
Anja Rockel Writing therapist 2023-11-06
Herbert Kopp-Oberstebrink philosopher, writer, editor 2023-11-06
Millay Hyatt writer 2023-11-06
Christina Oberstebrink Translator & art historian 2023-11-06
Maïté Roy Fédération des cégeps 2023-11-06
Tanja Petrič Društvo slovenskih književnih prevajalcev 2023-11-06
Antonio García Yedra IES Casas Nuevas 2023-11-06
José Manuel Martín Morán Università del Piemonte Orientale 2023-11-06
Jana Pipp Jana Zasebno 2023-11-05
Suzana Agostini Reader 2023-11-05
Matej Grah Gibanje Svoboda Mladi 2023-11-05
Maria Florencia Ferre Literary translator 2023-11-05
Borgesi Carolina Teacher (Madrid) Spain 2023-11-05
Chip Stewart Retired CCNY CUNY 2023-11-05
Cassinello Rodrigo Student 2023-11-05
Tora von Collani Translator, Textability 2023-11-05
Pablo Vilches Santamaria Mestre d\'infantil 2023-11-05
Caroline Schmidt 2023-11-05
Michael Dallas Translator 2023-11-04
Yvon Massicotte 2023-11-04
Maryanne Wolf UCLS 2023-11-04
Maria Deskur Fundacja Powszechnego Czytania / Universal Reading Foundation 2023-11-04
Catherine Kerkhoff-Saxon 2023-11-04
Oliver-Bonjoch Jesus Universitat Ramon Llull 2023-11-04
PÉREZ DEL MOLINO ORIA RAQUEL High School Teacher 2023-11-04
Albert Cubeles Historian 2023-11-04
Neus Crous-Costa University of Girona 2023-11-03
Per Jorgensen 2023-11-03
Antoinette Van Zanten ZB Bibliotheek van Zeeland 2023-11-03
May Koot Translator and editor 2023-11-03
Lucy Jones Translator, writer 2023-11-03
Allison Brown German-English translator 2023-11-03
Donna Stonecipher Humboldt University Berlin 2023-11-03
Pamela Selwyn Translator and editor 2023-11-03
Amy Klement Translator and editor 2023-11-03
Elizabeta Purger MKL 2023-11-03
Isabel Fargo Cole Writer, translator 2023-11-03
Michele C Reaves Librarian 2023-11-03
Ana Muñoz Cubero Docente Directo Telmark 2023-11-03
Jose Luis Guillén Salmerón Architect 2023-11-03
Nils Gottlieb Johansen 2023-11-03
Sánchez Muñoz IES JOAQUIN RODRIGO 2023-11-03
Karen Siercke Poesiens Hus 2023-11-03
Martín-Andino Pilar High School Teacher 2023-11-03
Pérez López María IES Joaquín Rodrigo 2023-11-03
Kasper Støvring Writer 2023-11-02
Thomas Andersen Thrane Private, lawyer 2023-11-02
Barry O\'Gorman Consultant 2023-11-02
Martin Lund self employed nerd specialized in the danish language 2023-11-02
Ivan O\'Brien President, Publishing Ireland 2023-11-02
Jordi Aladro Unioversity of California, Santa Cruz 2023-11-02
Ferrer Anna INS Laia l\'Arquera 2023-11-02
Mojca Cestnik bralka, učiteljica 2023-11-02
Sayo Castelló Benavent Lector (IES Honori García- Departamento de Lengua y Literatura españolas-) 2023-11-02
Jesper Monthán Swedish Publishers\' Assoc. 2023-11-02
Silas Mercier Roskilde University 2023-11-02
Jesper Eistrup Reader 2023-11-02
Gitte Rosholm HR and Communication leader on a sabbatical to read (and write) 2023-11-02
Anna Ortiz Torrabadella Institut Laia l\'Arquera - Mataró (Barcelona) 2023-11-02
Patricia Rodriguez Ferrer 2023-11-02
Patricia Rodriguez Ferrer 2023-11-02
Cristina Novoa Fernández 2023-11-02
Catalina López Huertas IES Calderón de la Barca (departamento de orientación) 2023-11-01
Nina Klemenčič - 2023-11-01
Lucía Miguel Bores Teacher at Forum Idiomas (Spain) 2023-11-01
Ximo Grifo Alexandre Satorras 2023-11-01
Mario Alonso Reader 2023-11-01
Carlota Oliver Physicist 2023-11-01
Andoni Artola Lecturer - University of the Basque Country (Spain) 2023-11-01
Pedro C. Rojo Alique Catedrático Lengua Castellana y Literatura IES Valdebernardo 2023-11-01
Francisco Jose Pascual Diez IES MARQUES DE SANTILLANA Colmenar Viejo. Madrid 2023-11-01
Pascual del Riquelme María Isabel University of Murcia 2023-11-01
Peter Hyll-Latsen Independen expert on the right to education 2023-11-01
Jesper Aagaard Department of Psychology, Aarhus University 2023-11-01
Enrico Pedemonte 2023-11-01
Andreas Bühler Reader 2023-11-01
Teresa Rosario Universidad de León 2023-11-01
Mikaela Zabrodsky Swedish Publishers Association 2023-11-01
Eric Hauck Government of Catalonia - Delegation to Southeastern Europe - Delegate 2023-11-01
Juan Manuel del Pozo Universitat de Girona 2023-11-01
Nuria Nuria Reche Tello Profesora en Universidad Miguel Hernández 2023-11-01
Zulueta Goienetxea Alberto UPV/EHU University of the Basque Country 2023-11-01
Diego Gómez Fernández Abogado y profesor 2023-11-01
María Eugenia Armengod Investigadora jubilada 2023-11-01
Upali Amarasiri Founder National Librarian, Sri Lanka 2023-11-01
Marina Díaz Colegio de los Sagrados Corazones 2023-11-01
Nanna Kalkar 2023-10-31
Ana Asic Ana Asic Sic! Journalism in Focus 2023-10-31
Amelia Licheva PEN International Bulgaria 2023-10-31
Canovas Josefa Graphic Designer 2023-10-31
Ramiro Laso Universidad del Azuay. Cuenca-Ecuador 2023-10-31
Regula Venske PEN International 2023-10-31
Razložnik Zarja osnovnošolka 2023-10-31
Oscar Samuel Espin Engineer 2023-10-31
Kim Amate lllustrator 2023-10-31
Hans Christian Jensen Privat 2023-10-31
David López Álvarez IED Barcelona 2023-10-31
Marta Salgado Iglesias EASD Ramón Falcón 2023-10-31
Eduardo Castañé Lázaro IED Barcelona 2023-10-31
Patricia McGill Ferrari Storyteller 2023-10-31
Andrea Thomas Loyola University Maryland 2023-10-31
Ortega Carmen CC SANTA EULALIA 2023-10-31
Javier Garcés 2023-10-31
Joan Rosés Periodista 2023-10-31
Marjana Cenc Weiss Šolski center Slovenske Konjice-Zreče 2023-10-31
Arribas Irma PhD Architect 2023-10-31
Lisa Ma Hangzhou Library 2023-10-31
Omar Camargo Universidad Nacional de Colombia 2023-10-31
Kim W Kim W JENSEN 2023-10-30
Moreno González Manuel Mancomunidad Sierra de San Pedro (Spain) 2023-10-30
Frederik Frederik Schütt 2023-10-30
Anna Jensen Journalist 2023-10-30
José Joaquín César Centro de adultos Agustina de Aragón de Móstoles 2023-10-30
Amy Todd Stults Librarian, USA 2023-10-30
López Ana Aricel 2023-10-30
Kerstin Zimmermann Universität Regensburg, Lernberatung 2023-10-30
Petra Postert Writer 2023-10-30
William Monroe Librarian and Historian, Brown University, Providence, RI, USA 2023-10-30
Rose Munjee University of Reading 2023-10-30
Kateřina Klabanová Literary translator, Czech Republic 2023-10-30
Diana Muñoz-Gonzalez Universidad Santo Tomás, Bogotá 2023-10-30
Charles Lock University of Copenhagen 2023-10-30
Kelly McBride Delph Russell County Public Library 2023-10-30
Megan Scauri 2023-10-30
José Zepeda Varas Radio Media Naranja y Razones de la Palabra 2023-10-30
Manuel Ortuño Cultural Reviews Spanish Association (ARCE) 2023-10-30
Christian Moerk Novelist 2023-10-30
Mary Vrazel The Caedmon School 2023-10-30
Anne Ørskov 2023-10-30
Maria Zennaro Literary translator 2023-10-30
Bodil Bredsdorff 2023-10-30
Mikel Martínez Ciriero Universidad de Navarra 2023-10-30
Josephine Salome Ulnits Translator 2023-10-30
Emma McGowan Drift + Focus Book Subscription 2023-10-30
Juan Romero Corell Publisher 2023-10-30
Ramón Espejo-Saavedra Loyola University Maryland 2023-10-30
Ángel Encinas Profesor 2023-10-30
Peter Hindsgaul 2023-10-30
Silvia Capón Escola Oficial de Idiomas 2023-10-30
Oriol González Tura Docent 2023-10-30
Salleras Elisabet INS Castelló d\'Empúries 2023-10-30
Raquel Fernández-Fernández Universidad de Alcalá (Madrid, Spain) 2023-10-30
Anne Nielsen Dansk Forfatterforening 2023-10-30
Xulio Sousa Universidade de Santiago de Compostela 2023-10-30
José Miguel López García Departamento de Historia Moderna UAM 2023-10-30
Virginia Ravanelli None 2023-10-30
Joaquín Rodríguez Writer, researcher 2023-10-30
jørn jørn falk 2023-10-30
Misja Keiding 2023-10-30
José Alejandro Martínez Librarian at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain 2023-10-30
Juliane Wammen Literary translator 2023-10-30
García Miguel Pruvia 2023-10-30
Cristina Cristina González Beilfuss Professor of Law, University of Barcelona 2023-10-30
Poul Lynggaard Damgaard Writer 2023-10-30
lihua Ma Huaibei Normal University 2023-10-30
Nuria Moreno Martin Mum and reader 2023-10-30
Oscar Schiappa-Pietra CENTRUM PUCP 2023-10-30
Juan Carlos Juan Carlos Navarrete USCRI 2023-10-30
Carlos Larreategui Universidad de las Américas 2023-10-30
José L. Bella Universidad Autónoma de Madrid - Spain 2023-10-29
Marta Alcocer Independent Journalist 2023-10-29
ELENA DIAZ MARTI Conservatorio Profesional de Música de Alcalá de Henares 2023-10-29
Ferdo Falir Prostitute 2023-10-29
José Luis José Luis Díaz Gómez Facultad de Medicina, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México y Academia Mexicana de la Lengua 2023-10-29
Nadja Hriberšek 2023-10-29
Pablo Durban 2023-10-29
Uwe Andresen Logopäde; Sprachförderlehrkraft Grundschule 2023-10-29
Cepas Aguayo Pilar Engineer 2023-10-29
Pardo Gloria Complutense University 2023-10-29
Empar Sanz i Ball-llosera Alexandre Deulofeu, Figueres, Catalunya 2023-10-29
Jordi Martos Institut Alexandre Deulofeu 2023-10-29
Gemma Roca Institut Alexandre Deulofeu 2023-10-29
Francisco Javier Párraga Ruiz IES TRIANA 2023-10-29
Paula Aguadero Ruiz 2023-10-29
Vladka Tucovič Sturman Univerza na Primorskem, Pedagoška fakulteta, Fakulteta za humanistične študije 2023-10-29
Mladen Pavičić University of Ljubljana, ELTE Budapest 2023-10-29
Ana Redondo Universidad Valladolid, España 2023-10-29
Perez Marie IES P. M. SAGASTA 2023-10-29
Pacheco Rueda Marta Universidad de Valladolid, España 2023-10-29
Majda Koren writer 2023-10-29
Angela Brooks 2023-10-29
Marín Gómez Isabel Universidad de Murcia (Spain) 2023-10-29
Marín Gómez Isabel Universidad de Murcia (Spain) 2023-10-29
Diego Garrocho Salcedo Universidad Autónoma de Madrid 2023-10-29
Artajo Ana IES Navarro Villoslada 2023-10-29
Roberto Germán Fandiño Pérez IES Práxedes Mateo-Sagasta 2023-10-29
Carlos Manuel González Navarrete Software Engineer 2023-10-29
Neva Pinillos Sanz de Galdeano School librarian. Deustuko Ikastola 2023-10-29
Jordi Martínez INS Castelló d\'Empúries 2023-10-29
Sánchez Mauro Castilla La Mancha University, Spain 2023-10-29
MariaCaterina La Barbera Institute of Philosophy, Spanish National Research Council 2023-10-29
Luis Martin-Estudillo University of Iowa 2023-10-29
Castaño Villar Feliciano University of Jaén, Andalucía, Spain 2023-10-29
Andrea Steinhäuser UPB 2023-10-29
Aurelio Niebla Jónica Digital Consulting 2023-10-29
Pastor Juan High school in Girona 2023-10-29
Oliver Hardt McGill University 2023-10-29
Óscar Carpintero Univesidad de Valladolid (España) 2023-10-29
Francisco CASANOVA 2023-10-29
Azcona María del Mar Universidad de Zaragoza 2023-10-29
Jaume Romero Universitat de Girona 2023-10-29
Agnese Sampietro University Jaume I 2023-10-29
Pau Rubert INS El Pedró. Philosophy teacher 2023-10-29
Iciar Muguerza López Ministry of Culture (Spain) 2023-10-29
Prieto Evaristo Universidad Autónoma Madrid 2023-10-29
José Manuel Asún Jordán Universidad Cristóbal Colón Veracruz 2023-10-29
Nina Štampohar journalist, slovene language proof reader 2023-10-29
Salvador Alberola IES Sineu 2023-10-29
Ana Gómez-Pérez Loyola University Maryland 2023-10-29
Duque Antonio Juan de Valdés School 2023-10-29
Juan Eduardo Panadero Cuartero Editorial Bruño (autor) 2023-10-29
Katarina Podbevšek Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television, University of Ljubljana (retired PhD, Assoc. Prof.) 2023-10-29
Katarina Podbevšek Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television, University of Ljubljana (retired PhD, Assoc. Prof.) 2023-10-29
Alicia Fernandez 2023-10-29
Cvetka Lipuš 2023-10-29
Miguel Angel Marquez Professor and writer, Universidad de Huelva (Spain) 2023-10-29
Ángel González de Pasblo Medicne, UCM, Spain 2023-10-29
Gloria Marin Benitez Reader 2023-10-29
José Manuel Hernández Miralles I.E.S. Jorge Manrique (Motilla del Palancar - Cuenca, España) 2023-10-29
José Navarro University of Cadiz (Spain) 2023-10-29
Juan Santana-Lario University of Granada, Spain 2023-10-29
Juan Martínez Borrero Universidad de Cuenca 2023-10-29
Carlos Gómez Camacho Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería de Sevilla 2023-10-29
Daniel Daniel Physician 2023-10-29
Simone Schiefer Architect 2023-10-29
Gudbjorg R. Thorisdottir The Icelandic Association of Reading Specialists 2023-10-29
Javier Trinidad 2023-10-29
Erika Babatz Fotografin 2023-10-29
Esperanza Leandro Spanish Language and Literature teacher 2023-10-29
Jaime Aspiunza Universidad del País Vasco (UPV-EHU) 2023-10-29
Lourdes Reig Puig Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya 2023-10-29
Roswitha Regh (Privat) 2023-10-29
BALLESTER-ROCA JOSEP Writer and Professor Universitat de València 2023-10-29
Navarro Rafa Reader 2023-10-29
Barbara Martensson Concerned citizen who grew up loving books 2023-10-29
VIOLETA RUIZ ALMENDRAL Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain 2023-10-29
Christopher Garth 2023-10-28
Antonio Ferrer University of Valencia, Spain 2023-10-28
Marlies Arping 2023-10-28
Laurie Henry Clermont County Public Library 2023-10-28
Serrano Marian University of Valencia 2023-10-28
Maria Dumbsky 2023-10-28
Michael Biggins University of Washington, Seattle 2023-10-28
Tom Tom Priestly University of Alberta 2023-10-27
Luyao Wang Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Student 2023-10-27
E. Y. Meyer Schriftsteller 2023-10-27
Claudia Hamm Writer, literary translator and theatre director 2023-10-27
Nikolaus Korber University of Regensburg 2023-10-27
Magdalena Lanz bookseller 2023-10-27
Josef Proksch Fachberater Deutsch 2023-10-27
Martin Hagemeyer 2023-10-27
Lalo Salmerón University of Valencia, Spain 2023-10-27
M Peter Thomson 2023-10-27
Kristiane Hauer Writer & Aarhus University, Denmark 2023-10-27
Matevž Rudolf University of Ljubljana Press 2023-10-27
Herman Pušnik Prva gimnazija Maribor, SLO 2023-10-26
Ida Kongsø Landsforeningen Skole og Bøger 2023-10-26
alenka žugič jakovina Valvasorjeva knjižnica Krško 2023-10-26
Paul Paul Erik Baak KNVI 2023-10-26
Victor Fonteneau Reader 2023-10-26
Petra Matić Društvo hrvatskih audiovizualnih prevoditelja 2023-10-26
Karin Dr. Aleksander Philosopher, Digitales Deutsches Frauenarchiv 2023-10-26
Ulrich Störiko-Blume ProjektAgentur 2023-10-26
Metka Kostanjevec Prva gimnazija Maribor 2023-10-26
HU Yang Zhejiang Library 2023-10-26
shumin tu Zhejiang Library 2023-10-26
Sabina Tavčar 2023-10-26
Javor Sluga University of Ljubljana, Student 2023-10-25
Hanna Clairiere Université Paris 8 2023-10-25
Martina Korsting-Backe Teacher (English & German) 2023-10-25
Tanja Tuma PEN Slovenia 2023-10-25
Vân Ta Minh Médiathèque Marguerite Yourcenar 2023-10-25
Christina Castaneda Social Worker Citizen of Hanover Germany 2023-10-25
Amalija Maček Translator, University of Ljubljana 2023-10-25
Heiko Hartmann HTWK Leipzig 2023-10-25
Jakob Matthiesen University College Copenhagen 2023-10-25
Cristina Oliva 2023-10-25
Taida Podumis Sopockie Szkoły Autonomiczne 2023-10-25
Christine Labisch evKITA-Verband Bayern 2023-10-25
Ellen Bausch Grundschule 2023-10-25
Ute M. Schubert Peter Lang Group AG | International Academic Publishers 2023-10-25
Angelo Ariemma Movimento Federalista Europeo 2023-10-25
Sally Sharf Sharf & Co. 2023-10-25
Sabine Kirchmeier European Federation of National Institutions for Language (EFNIL) 2023-10-25
Peter Schiwek Schulträgerausschuss VG Hermeskeil 2023-10-25
Vicky Schirmer University of Regensburg 2023-10-25
Maria José Gallinad librarian 2023-10-25
Maria José Gallinad Generalitat de Catalunya. Departament de Justícia. Biblioteca CP Ponent 2023-10-25
Coonstantin Lehenmeier Universitätsbibliothek Regensburg 2023-10-25
Špela Jamnik 2023-10-25
teng casie Shanghai pudong library 2023-10-25
Matjaž Marinček retired, author 2023-10-25
Nilma Lacerda Writer 2023-10-25
Solange Mingorance Unesp - Universidade Estadual Paulista 2023-10-25
Sarah Evans Assistant Professor, Department of Information Science, University of North Texas 2023-10-24
Sean Carter Concerned citizen 2023-10-24
Natalia Igl Østfold University College, Norway 2023-10-24
Melanie Hartvigsen University of Southern Denmark 2023-10-24
Claret Antonia Claret Soares Christensen Dialog Communication & Languages 2023-10-24
Marjeta Lavrič EN-KNAP 2023-10-24
Gabriella Romani Seton Hall University 2023-10-24
Barend Bouma N.V. Nederlandsch Octrooibureau 2023-10-24
Irina Hron University of Copenhagen 2023-10-24
Janine Jenitschonok 2023-10-24
Christina Noack University of Osnabrueck Germany 2023-10-24
Malene Schioldan Modtryk 2023-10-24
Stefan Monhardt Edition Monhardt 2023-10-24
Gabriele Seuffert Zentrum für Wissenstransfer der PH Schwäbisch Gmünd 2023-10-23
Laura Emilie Buch Rahbek Read for Life / Læs for Livet, Denmark 2023-10-23
Harald Zapf Philologist 2023-10-23
Meral Ballegaard Journalist, translator 2023-10-23
Michaela Škeříková Municipal Library in Beroun 2023-10-23
Jasmin Schlotterbeck 2023-10-23
Nadja Scherer 2023-10-23
Peter Verhaar Leiden University 2023-10-23
Patricia Moloney University College Cork, (Ireland) 2023-10-23
Morten Visby Danish Authors\' Association 2023-10-23
Vicky Tseroni The American College of Greece 2023-10-23
Theresia Tanzil Proses.ID (observer) 2023-10-23
Zdravko Rupnik 2023-10-23
Arjun Sanyal Central University of Himachal Pradesh 2023-10-23
Greg Elliott HZ University of Applied Sciences 2023-10-22
bine skrt bine private 2023-10-22
Fernanda Balarini educadora e voluntária de biblioteca 2023-10-22
Vasilio Markanastasakis Linux Foundation 2023-10-22
Bojana Skrt Za in proti, zavod za kulturo dialoga/Pre et contra, Institute for culture of dialogue 2023-10-22
Sofia Düring Bookseller 2023-10-22
Darinka Marc Gimnazija Poljane 2023-10-22
Hanne Salomonsen Gyldendal A/S 2023-10-22
Jurij Jambrovic Alfonzo inštitut 2023-10-22
Tjaša Brečko 2023-10-22
Gordana Rauski Librarian and educator 2023-10-22
John Morse-Brown 2023-10-22
Ian Patterson Queens\' College, Cambridge 2023-10-22
Sergio Galembeck Universidade de Sao Paulo 2023-10-22
Iris Klose 2023-10-22
Olivier Van Horenbeeck Zocalo 2023-10-22
Maja Lazar 2023-10-22
Albrecht Dubiel 2023-10-22
Shashi Tharoor Parliament of India (author of 25 books) 2023-10-22
Michael Jones 2023-10-22
Dr. Siegfried Seidel Leipzig 2023-10-22
Harold Polis Writer, freelance producer 2023-10-22
Joanna Wywial librarian 2023-10-22
Ruth Urban 2023-10-21
Joana Beleza Journalist 2023-10-21
Simone Paolo Cuva qudulibri 2023-10-21
Milena Milena Tsvetkova Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski 2023-10-21
Leonid Czyppull 2023-10-21
Hrvoje Zlatar 2023-10-21
Natalie Sprite Writer 2023-10-21
Anda Almažan 2023-10-21
Jörg Mitzkat Verlag Jörg Mitzkat 2023-10-21
Stefan Körner Selbständiger Kinder- und Jugendlichen-Psychotherapeut 2023-10-21
Mojca Auguštin Osnovna šola Selnica ob Dravi 2023-10-21
georgia Georgia Karabatsou Paediatrician 2023-10-21
Jane Dennehy Law Incubator 2023-10-21
Romana Kokošar Romana osebno 2023-10-21
Ayenew Fentahun Jimma University 2023-10-21
Peter Simonsen University of Southern Denmark 2023-10-21
Nada Pšenica 2023-10-21
Cordula Rau Die Walverwandtschaften 2023-10-21
Vesna Mikolič Science and Research Centre Koper (Slovenia) and University of Trieste (Italy) 2023-10-21
Suzana Sukovic PLC Sydney 2023-10-20
Ragnar Andreas Oslo Metropolitan University 2023-10-20
Patrícia Araújo dos Santos Prisa Group 2023-10-20
Linn Rottem House of literature Oslo, norway 2023-10-20
Susanne Kaluza CEO, Litteraturhuset / The House of Literature in Oslo 2023-10-20
Annetje de Roode-Begheyn Biblionet Drenthe 2023-10-20
Anastasia Logotheti Deree College, the American College of Greece 2023-10-20
Vilma Vilma Gaubiene Kaunas Panemune Primary School 2023-10-20
Andreja Turšič Oš Dornberk 2023-10-20
Dirk Döhren Diplom Volkswirt, Kiel 2023-10-20
Mechelke Schwarten 2023-10-20
Laura Albers \"Was steht da?\" - Austrian network for early literacy, member of EURead 2023-10-20
Fergal Gaynor Writer / Reader 2023-10-20
Martin Lindø Westergaard University Press of Southern Denmark 2023-10-20
Michaela Mrázová 2023-10-20
Amadeu Pons Universitat de Barcelona - Facultat d\'Informació i Mitjans Audiovisuals 2023-10-20
Georgios Glossiotis KR21 National Coordinator for Greece 2023-10-20
Abdulakeem Sodeeq SULYMAN Kwara State Polytechnic 2023-10-20
Mads Rosendahl Thomsen Aarhus University 2023-10-20
Lilian Ranc Deutsche Akademie für Sprache und Dichtung 2023-10-20
Peter Holozan Amebis 2023-10-20
Konstantinos Papadopoulos Independent Association of Book Publishers - Greece 2023-10-20
Jacob Søndergaard Gutkind Forlag 2023-10-20
Christine Bødtcher-Hansen The Danish Publishers Association 2023-10-20
Anna Leander Geneva Graduate Institute 2023-10-20
Markus Jüttner Bookauthor, Writer, Lawyer 2023-10-20
Hana Tužarská Městská knihovna v Chebu 2023-10-20
Veronica Leibrecht Strothoff International School 2023-10-20
Tatjana Arnuš MKL 2023-10-20
Jiří Trávníček Institute of Czech Literature - Czech Academy of Sciences 2023-10-20
Friedemann Ey LexFerenda 2023-10-20
Peter Vollmers Teletta-Groß-Gymnasium Leer 2023-10-20
Suzi Bricelj UL ALUO 2023-10-19
Matija Jemec graphic designer 2023-10-19
Tomaž Nabergoj Narodni muzej Slovenije 2023-10-19
Fabiane Verardi Universidade de Passo Fundo 2023-10-19
Polona Mertelj 2023-10-19
Laura Rešek OŠ Jožeta Moškriča 2023-10-19
Gemma Berkin Oakham School 2023-10-19
Marcijan Tanja Unicef 2023-10-19
Mirjam Juvan Privat 2023-10-19
Nika Prusnik Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana 2023-10-19
rosa freire d\'aguiar cicef 2023-10-19
Metka Puksic Mavsar OŠ Škofljica 2023-10-19
Jean-François Cornu French professional translator 2023-10-19
Nives Kelemen 2023-10-19
Eva Gebauerová private 2023-10-19
Florian Rüde Erich Kästner-Gesamtschule Kirchlengern 2023-10-19
Nataša Arčon Triler Osnovna šola Valentina Vodnika Ljubljana 2023-10-19
Malakkhanim Hajiyeva Member of EURead 2023-10-19
Liljana Šesek Osnovna šola Vižmarje Brod, Ljubljana 2023-10-19
Wolf-Dieter Klees pensionierter Deutschlehrer in der Sekundarstufe I einer Gesamtschule 2023-10-19
Regine Scheffer Dipl.-Übersetzerin / Translator 2023-10-19
Stefanie Bergmann privat 2023-10-19
Claus Kröger Universität Bielefeld 2023-10-19
Brigitte Herrmann Privat 2023-10-19
Andrej Kren Osebno 2023-10-19
Matthias Scharm Privat 2023-10-19
Flavia Goulart Mota Flávia Goulart Garcia Rosa Universidade Federal da Bahia 2023-10-19
Marija Lesjak Reichenberg Privat 2023-10-19
Klemen Brvar Mariborska knjižnica 2023-10-19
Carola Lentz Goethe-Institut e.V. 2023-10-19
Graham Watts Freelance writer, editor and coach 2023-10-19
Wouter van Gils Boom Publishers (the Netherlands) 2023-10-19
Isak Podgoršek Isak 2023-10-19
Jens Kirsten Thüringer Literaturrat e.V. / Geschäftsführer 2023-10-19
Breda Artnik Penko 2023-10-19
Nataša Potočnik Andragoški center Slovenije 2023-10-19
Sophie Hogrefe Hogrefe Verlagsgruppe GmbH 2023-10-19
Igor Černe Igor Mariborska knjižnica 2023-10-19
Jasmina Orešnik Cunja Andragoški center Slovenije 2023-10-19
Alenka Štrukelj Literarna lekarna 2023-10-19
Edeltraut Damerow privat 2023-10-19
Tanja Rupnik Vec Andragoški center Slovenije, Fakulteta za zdravstvene vede Celje 2023-10-19
Ana Peklenik 2023-10-19
Nina Lončar Mariborska knjižnica 2023-10-19
Andrejka Markočič Šušmelj Gimnazija Nova Gorica 2023-10-19
Andreja Hočevar 2023-10-19
Anita Stipanič 2023-10-19
Evita Pirc bralka 2023-10-19
Sara Silva Institute of Education - Research Centre on Child Studies - University of Minho 2023-10-19
Tine Logar retired 2023-10-19
Miha Naglič Urednik Žirovskega občasnika 2023-10-19
Loren Snel Freelance writer and editor 2023-10-19
Karolina Hmelina 2023-10-19
Melita Broz IV. osnovna šola Celje 2023-10-19
Nataša Luša Delo Časopisno založniško podjetje d.o.o., Ljubljana 2023-10-19
Margarete Weiblen 2023-10-19
Mirjam Furlan Lapanja bralka 2023-10-19
Marjan Tomec Bralec/reader 2023-10-19
Wolfgang Jöst Ubu Buchhandlung und Antiquariat 2023-10-19
Herta Oresic retired teacher 2023-10-19
Borut Prestor University Hospital Center Ljubljana 2023-10-19
Willem Schaap Boom publishers 2023-10-19
Nina Štrajhar Bralka/reader 2023-10-19
Maarten Dessing journalist 2023-10-19
Blanka Primec 2023-10-19
Svetlozar Zhelev Bulgarian National Book Center, National Palace of Culture 2023-10-19
Nevenka Dobljekar 2023-10-19
Regine Reincke Topicus Education 2023-10-19
Breda Kisfalvi reader, Slovenia 2023-10-19
Hendrik van Leusen 2023-10-19
MAJA SCHARA 2023-10-19
Meta Demšar 2023-10-19
Ines Vodopivec National and university library of Slovenia 2023-10-19
Mojca Kumerdej pisateljica/author 2023-10-19
Joachim Kindler Publishing 2023-10-19
Wilbert Van der Sluijs IOS Press 2023-10-19
Ana Molina Asociación Artística-Sociocultural Mestiza, Spain - member of EURead. 2023-10-18
Dr. Bernhard Lübbers Staatliche Bibliothek Regensburg 2023-10-18
Adriana Dalla Vecchia Departamento de Letras Vernáculas/Universidade Federal de Sergipe/BR 2023-10-18
Tanja Span Vasiljevic 2023-10-18
Bernarda Pintar 2023-10-18
Metka Damjan Samozaposlena v kulturi 2023-10-18
Katarina Keber ZRC SAZU, Ljubljana 2023-10-18
Barbara Damjan 2023-10-18
Francieli Borges Ph.D in literature studies/researcher of brazilian literature 2023-10-18
Meinolf Schumacher Universität Bielefeld 2023-10-18
Catarina Caetano da Rosa Nietzsche-Dokumentationszentrum 2023-10-18
Mirjam Romšak Bralka 2023-10-18
Boris Volk 2023-10-18
Dušan Jesenšek 2023-10-18
Bratko Bibič retired self employed but still active researcher, musician, composer, producer 2023-10-18
Ulrike Junger Deutsche Nationalbibliothek 2023-10-18
Patricia Carvalho 2023-10-18
Alenka Sketelj bralka 2023-10-18
Sonja Kump University of Ljubljana, Faculty of arts 2023-10-18
Manfreda Patricija privat 2023-10-18
Petra Podlesnik OŠ Mjde Vrhovnik, Ljubljana 2023-10-18
Mateja Belak 2023-10-18
Majda Simonič Bralka 2023-10-18
Leka Arian Academy of Science of Albania 2023-10-18
Maria Mortatti Poet, writer and professor at Universidade Estadual Paulista/São Paulo/Brazil 2023-10-18
Helena Čerin 2023-10-18
Hans-Bernd Kaufmann BfB Fraktion im Rat der Stadt Bad Bevensen 2023-10-18
Paula Paula Cristina Pereira Jacinto Cusati independent reading promoter 2023-10-18
Snježana Premuš Zavod Federacija Ljubljana 2023-10-18
Stanislav Valant 2023-10-18
Eva Tekavčič Osnovna šola Kolezija 2023-10-18
Cordula Scholz Löhnig DFG-Projekt Elsass-Lothringen, Universität Regensburg 2023-10-18
Urša Podrekar 2023-10-18
Ingrid Minkenberg privat 2023-10-18
Martin Löhnig Fakultät für Rechtswissenschaft der Universität Regensburg / Institute for East European Law (Director) 2023-10-18
Wolfhart Wolfhart Boing Medical Doctor (ENT-specialist) 2023-10-18
Martina Kafol publisher, translator, author 2023-10-18
Maja Vreča Maja Arnes 2023-10-18
Ajda Zupančič 2023-10-18
Tom Tom McGonigle BMCC CUNY 2023-10-18
Maja Kerneža Faculty of Education, University of Maribor 2023-10-18
Veronika Simoniti Author, translator 2023-10-18
Nataša Vršič OŠ Milana Šuštaršiča 2023-10-18
Gisela Michelle Anderson Librarian, USA 2023-10-18
Günter Krause-Friebertshäuser Bücher vorOrt, Frankfurt 2023-10-18
Monika Grill writer 2023-10-18
Norbert R. Vetter Schule 2023-10-18
Dušan Gojkov PEN Arman 2023-10-18
Margit Gammisch Lermzentrum Freiberg 2023-10-18
Christian Walt Universität Zürich 2023-10-18
Albert Mrgole Vezal 2023-10-18
Monika Köck Privat 2023-10-18
Aleš Šteger author 2023-10-18
MATTHIAS Goeritz Author and Professor of Practice at Washington University in St. Louis 2023-10-18
Michael Then Weltbild 2023-10-18
Sven Hanuschek Germanistik-Department der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München 2023-10-18
Annemarie Bleidiek Privat 2023-10-17
Mark Goetgebuer privat 2023-10-17
Petra Kolenc ZRC SAZU 2023-10-17
Christian Dietrich Evangelische Kirche in Mitteldeutschland 2023-10-17
Ursula Neumann Gymnasiallehrerin 2023-10-17
Gerhard Himmel 2023-10-17
Janez Jug Univerza v Ljubljani 2023-10-17
Darja Bolka 2023-10-17
Ostande Chandelier Artiste 2023-10-17
Sasa Janez Mächtig zaslužni profesor Univerze v Ljubljani 2023-10-17
Mario Pešić 2023-10-17
Barbara Dr. Grundmann Dipl.Psychologin a.D. 2023-10-16
Marie-Helen Westphal Schule 2023-10-16
Peter Schulte privat 2023-10-16
Oliver Breitenstein Künstler 2023-10-16
Stefan Müller Nell-Breuning Schule Rottweil 2023-10-16
Nastja Janžekovič Filozofska fakulteta UL 2023-10-16
Ralf Tritschler Lerntherapeutische Praxis 2023-10-16
Anette Gampe LRS-Therapie 2023-10-16
Barbara Raasch 2023-10-16
Tobias Grieb HCA-Gymnasium Sulzbach-Rosenberg 2023-10-16
Brigitte Rösch-Ibel Privat 2023-10-16
Stefan Koslowski städtisches Gymnasium Lünen-Altlünen 2023-10-16
Linda Entz Schriftstellerin 2023-10-16
Christian Wolff Media Informatics Group, Faculty for Informatics and Data Science 2023-10-16
Beate Königs Kunst in Bild und Wort 2023-10-16
Antje Theise Rostock University Library, Germany 2023-10-16
Matthias Konrad privat 2023-10-16
Christiane Dr. Schildknecht University of Lucerne 2023-10-16
Stefan Fomm Privat 2023-10-16
Dr. Knut Tullius 2023-10-16
Stephanie Führer Bundesverband Leseförderung e.V. 2023-10-16
Rüdiger Amann Eichendorffschule Kelkheim 2023-10-16
Ulrike Erb-May Bundesverband Leseförderung e.V. 2023-10-16
Therese Salzmann Bibliothèque cantonale et universitaire de Fribourg, Switzerland 2023-10-16
Maike Just Bundesinstitut für Berufsbildung (BIBB) 2023-10-16
Daan Beeke Stichting Lezen - member of EURead 2023-10-16
Stefan Iseke Kirchenmusiker 2023-10-16
Uros Fabic 2023-10-16
Ekaterina Georgieva Ärztin 2023-10-15
Rabanus Mitterecker Freies Gymnasium Naunhof 2023-10-15
Prof. Dr. Susteck Sebastian Germanistisches Institut d. Ruhr-Universität Bochum 2023-10-15
Michael Serrer Literaturbüro NRW 2023-10-15
Marion Gerber Studiendirektorin a.D. 2023-10-15
Rainer Schütz 2023-10-15
Karin Schwärzler privat 2023-10-15
Jaka Gerčar University of Ljubljana 2023-10-15
Armin Schubert Bücherkinder Brandenburg, Pirckheimer-Gesellschaft und Christa-Wolf- Gesellschaft 2023-10-15
Thomas Piel privat 2023-10-15
Mechtild Kappetein Großmutter 2023-10-15
Franz-Peter Eicke Förderkreis Asyl Würselen 2023-10-15
Maria Kovacs Romanian Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking Association 2023-10-15
Karin Steinbacher-Kronen privat 2023-10-15
Thomas Wunderberg e³ trainings - Inhaber Thomas Wunderberg 2023-10-15
Maria Vorbrüggen privat 2023-10-15
Norbert Köhler Oberstudiendirektor a. D. 2023-10-15
Ute Nicolaus Freiherr-vom Szein-Gymnasium 2023-10-15
Andreas Andreas Janousch Universidad Autónoma de Madrid 2023-10-15
Daniel Sastre Center for East Asian Studies - Universidad Autónoma de Madrid 2023-10-15
Nieto Gladys Universidad Autónoma de Madrid 2023-10-15
Zdenka Šafarič učiteljica 2023-10-15
Gisela Geiger Initiatorin Penzberger Urmel 2023-10-15
Irene Walendzik Deutschlehrerin Gesamtschule Städteregion Aachen 2023-10-15
Dietmar Ernst Berufskleidung EST Geilenkirchen 2023-10-15
Zoran Štanta Občina Tolmin 2023-10-15
Martin Pogačar 2023-10-15
Sigrid Rombach Privat 2023-10-15
Mrs. Jayanthi Feiter private /pediatric surgeon 2023-10-15
Martin Vorberg Ex-Bibliotheksdirektor 2023-10-15
Sascha Salatowsky Bibliothekar, Coburg 2023-10-15
Michèle Renaud 2023-10-15
Maks Prokop Private 2023-10-14
Rainer Aden 2023-10-14
Birgit Rakers Diplom-Psychologin 2023-10-14
Ludger Menke Bibliothekar 2023-10-14
Susanne Derksen-Onasch GGS Roetgen 2023-10-14
François Lorrain Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf, Montréal, QC, Canada 2023-10-14
Ulrike Laudan Private 2023-10-14
Laurence Guillermin Bibliothécaire 2023-10-14
Marie-Sophie Seng private 2023-10-14
Lena Rohmeyer 2023-10-14
Katja Rossmann Gymnasiallehrerin 2023-10-14
manuela hantschel Bundesverband Leseförderung e.V. 2023-10-14
Renate Küppers Privat 2023-10-14
Christian Benne University of Copenhagen 2023-10-14
Claudia Förster privat 2023-10-14
Gertraud Evers Psychotherapeutische Praxis 2023-10-14
Tiina Poutanen 2023-10-14
Adalbert Evers Universität Heidelberg 2023-10-14
Jürgen Laufs 2023-10-14
Gisela Beissel privat 2023-10-14
Christa Wienen privat ( Pädagogin) 2023-10-14
Dietrich Wittenhagen privat (Kinder- und Jugendarzt) 2023-10-14
Dr. Ulrich Hohoff Bibliothekar, Augsburg 2023-10-14
Monika Freialdenhoven Sozialarbeiterin 2023-10-14
Pascale Bauer Lesementorin 2023-10-14
Claudia Kiedrowski Private 2023-10-14
Regine Caspary Logopädin 2023-10-14
Alexandra Hasse privat 2023-10-14
Kerstin Litt 2023-10-14
Marlene Müller privat 2023-10-14
Heinz Frickenschmidt Privat 2023-10-14
Udo Assmann 2023-10-14
Silke Büchel Privat, Dozentin Deutsch als Fremdsprache an der Sprachenakademie Aachen 2023-10-14
Reetta Niemelä - 2023-10-14
Regina Esser-Palm 2023-10-14
Christoph Lehmann 2023-10-14
Sigrid Di Palma Privat 2023-10-14
Peter Peters 2023-10-14
Sigrun Wetzel 2023-10-14
Jessica Fleischhacker 2023-10-14
Basarat Kazim Alif Laila Book Bus Society 2023-10-13
Marianne Durand Editions Nathan 2023-10-13
Nils Sebastian Graebel Privat, Tätigkeit an der Universitätsmedizin Rostock. 2023-10-13
Henryk Lippert BBS Walsrode 2023-10-13
Brigitta Dorschfeldt 2023-10-13
Dr. Hans Gerhard Neugebauer Freier Autor 2023-10-13
Will Rumi Zeichner - Bildhauer 2023-10-13
Karin Kuhn Hofbibliothek Aschaffenburg 2023-10-13
Dietmar Schäfer Germanist, Gymnasiallehrer - Berufsbildende Schulen Meppen 2023-10-13
Eric Marr Freier Moderator und Journalist / 2023-10-13
Lisa Zeller Romanisches Seminar, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz 2023-10-13
Harro de Groot 2023-10-13
Udo Geiger Lehrbeauftragter KHSB Berlin 2023-10-13
Axel Malik Artist-in-Residence, Centre for the Study of Manuscript Cultures, Hamburg University 2023-10-13
Estera Možina Slovenian Institute for Adult Education 2023-10-13
Dr. Isabell E. Baumann Universität Luxemburg 2023-10-13
Uta Auernigg Uta Auernigg Human Factor | Training | Coaching 2023-10-13
Mirjam Kotar Univerza v Ljubljani, Fakulteta za družbene vede, Osrednja družboslovna knjižnica Jožeta Goričarja 2023-10-13
Dr. Christine Korten Altphilologin 2023-10-13
Thomas Eing 2023-10-13
Thomas Heinrich Jansen 2023-10-13
Paul Erker, Prof. Dr. LMU München, Historisches Seminar 2023-10-13
Laurie Le Moigne 2023-10-13
Louise Steinike McCloy Freie Universität Berlin 2023-10-13
Hadiza Isma El-Rufai Almara Publishers 2023-10-13
Petra Potočnik The Slovenian Reading Badge Society 2023-10-13
Christina Mettele 2023-10-13
Peter Jenkins BookTrust and member of EURead 2023-10-13
Muthoni Muthoni Muiruri Soma Nami Books/Press - Kenya 2023-10-13
Stephan Dr. Grosche 2023-10-13
Katherine Katherine Bull Freie Universität Berlin 2023-10-13
Lola Shoneyin Book Buzz Foundation, Nigeria 2023-10-13
Thomas Rehm privat 2023-10-13
Prof. Dr. Michael Tewes Hochschule Karlsruhe - Technik und Wirtschaft 2023-10-13
Peter Stear Freie Universität Berlin 2023-10-13
Michael K. Kleinschmidt none 2023-10-13
Urška Bittner Pipan Andragoški center Slovenije/ Slovenian Institute for Adult Education 2023-10-13
Gisela Kottwitz 2023-10-13
Christian Kleinschmidt Philipps-University Marburg 2023-10-13
Lukas Thamm Soziologisches Forschungsinstitut Göttingen (SOFI) an der Georg-August-Universität 2023-10-13
Sigrid Ruby University of Giessen, Institute of Art History 2023-10-13
Michael Rittendorf Herausgeber \"Der fröhliche Marxist\". Lübeck 2023-10-13
Ava Chalkiadaki Diavazontas Megalono (Greece) - member of EURead 2023-10-13
Urban Šrimpf Goethe-Institut 2023-10-13
Gergana Dimitrova Detski Knigi Foundation - member of EURead 2023-10-13
Carola STRANG Editions Nathan 2023-10-12
Jürgen Kädtler Soziologisches Forschungsinstitut Göttingen (SOFI) an der Georg-August-Universität 2023-10-12
Berthold Vogel Soziologisches Forschungsinstitut Göttingen (SOFI) an der Georg-August-Universität 2023-10-12
Patrick Ryan IBBY Ireland, Poetry Ireland, and Storytellers of Ireland 2023-10-12
Annegret Mailänder-Uhlich Buchladen am Münsterplatz Große Straße 20 49565 Bramsche 2023-10-12
Hans Lösener Pädagogische Hochschule Heidelberg 2023-10-12
Helmuth Jung JEI 2023-10-12
Claudia Martin-Konle Universitätsbibliothek Kassel 2023-10-12
Kay Philipp Baronowsky Dramaturgische Gesellschaft 2023-10-12
Dr. Sven Kuttner University Library LMU Munich 2023-10-12
Andreas Becker 2023-10-12
Iliyanna Shukerova Detski Knigi Foundation - member of EURead 2023-10-12
Emmi Jäkkö The Finnish Reading Center - member of EURead 2023-10-12
Marc Lambert Scottish Book Trust - member of EURead 2023-10-12
Veronika Reichl Schriftstellerin bei Matthes & Seitz, Berlin (u.a. \"Das Gefühl zu denken\", über persönliche Leseerfahrungen mit Philosophie, 2023) 2023-10-12
Sabina Fras Popović UL, Filozofska fakulteta, Oddelek za bibliotekarstvo, informacijsko znanost in knjigarstvo 2023-10-12
Gerhard Fortagne 2023-10-12
Heike Hütten Gymnasium 2023-10-12
Steffi Reinders-Schmidt Frühförderung Bad Windsheim, Germany 2023-10-12
Valeria Balbinot Member of EUread 2023-10-12
georg beck 2023-10-12
Melanie Gerull 2023-10-12
Vibeke Røgler Foreningen !les 2023-10-12
Joerg F Maas German Reading Foundation 2023-10-12
Daan Beeke Stichting Lezen | EURead 2023-10-12
Claire-Marie La Sade 2023-10-12
Sascha Köglberger 2023-10-12
Stephan Dr. Leopold Romanisches Seminar JGU Mainz 2023-10-12
Stephan Dr. Leopold Romanisches Seminar JGU Mainz 2023-10-12
Dr. Norbert Schnitzler privat (Gymnasium, Bielefeld DE) 2023-10-12
Arne Kuhne BBS Walsrode 2023-10-12
Paco Rami tres prochement retraité 2023-10-12
Leon Schött University of Mainz 2023-10-12
Maartje Thoen-Houben Stichting Viertaal 2023-10-12
Christian Winter 2023-10-12
Thomas Diecks Freier Literaturkritiker und Autor 2023-10-12
Regina Wehrle Mattes Verlag Heidelberg 2023-10-12
mechthild hesse university of education freiburg 2023-10-12
Kurt Mattes Mattes Verlag Heidelberg 2023-10-12
Rajka Marhold III. gimnazija Maribor 2023-10-12
Werner Kröger Überschrift \"Autor*innen\" - passt das zu \"gutem Lesen\"?? 2023-10-12
Bastian Piejko University of Mainz 2023-10-12
Francois ANNYCKE Agence régionale du livre et de la lecture des Hauts-de-France (AR2L) 2023-10-12
Bärbel Wacker 2023-10-12
Francois ANNYCKE Agence régionale du livre et de la lecture des Hauts-de-France (AR2L) 2023-10-12
Eugenia Bejan National Children\'s Library \"Ion Creangă\", Moldova 2023-10-12
Eugenia Bejan National Children\'s Library \"Ion Creangă\", Moldova 2023-10-12
Friedhelm Bertulies Daegu University, Department of European Cultural Studies 2023-10-12
Bernard Demay Auteur libre, Correspondant de presse 2023-10-12
Stefan Çapaliku Academy of Science of Albania 2023-10-12
Stefan Çapaliku Academy of Science of Albania 2023-10-12
Yves Jaumain FIRN / Festival international du roman noir, Frontignan 2023-10-12
Anne-Sylvie Bameule Actes Sud 2023-10-12
Friedhelm Bertulies Daegu University 2023-10-12
Anne Köhn 2023-10-11
Ursula Thewellis Lehrerin im Ruhestand 2023-10-11
Jelka Kosi Gimnazija Ptuj 2023-10-11
Marie-Hélène Lebourdais Psychotherapeutin 2023-10-11
Dr. Barbara Gerckens 2023-10-11
Prof. Dr. Bettina Kümmerling-Meibauer German Department, Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen 2023-10-11
Steffen Walz privat, Deutschlehrer am Gymnasium 2023-10-11
Luis Zendrera IBBY SPAIN 2023-10-11
Dr. Eike-Christian Kersten Demokrat 2023-10-11
Sabine Saynisch Leserin 2023-10-11
Agathe Schiwy 2023-10-11
Janine Eisenächer 2023-10-11
Harald Wolf Soziologisches Forschungsinstitut Göttingen 2023-10-11
Manfred Keiper andere buchhandlung Rostock / Literaturjournal LESART 2023-10-11
Gonzalo Oyarzun Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana, UTEM, Santiago, Chile 2023-10-11
Dr. Stephanie Jacobs Deutsches Buch- und Schriftmuseum der Deutschen Nationalbibliothek 2023-10-11
Susanna Ivanics Regionales Landesamt für Schule und Bildung OS, Niedersachsen, SpBZ DEL 2023-10-11
Steffen Roth Universität Köln 2023-10-11
Sabine Sabine Stemmler-Heß Rheingau-Taunus-Kreis Kultur 2023-10-11
Lothar Sand Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels 2023-10-11
Christiane Arndt 2023-10-11
Norbert Gillmann University Library of the University of Mainz (Germany) 2023-10-11
Hans Ruprecht Int. Literaturfestival Leukerbad und Int. Literaturfestival Odessa (2023 in Bukarest) 2023-10-11
Anja Rzesnitzek Mom 2023-10-11
Carola Roth 2023-10-11
Dessislava Alexieva Bulgarian Book Association 2023-10-11
Cyrill Torres 2023-10-11
Nora Gummert-Hauser Hochschule Niederrhein 2023-10-11
Felix Palent Buchhandlung Knesebeck Elf 2023-10-11
Wolfgang Schmitz I.I.S.E. Europe GmbH/Improved Reading 2023-10-11
Brigitte Doß privat 2023-10-11
Roland Forster 2023-10-11
Ana Branka Sporrenberg privat 2023-10-11
Frank Scholze Deutsche Nationalbibliothek 2023-10-11
Brigitte Duvillard Fondation Rilke 2023-10-11
Christian Sperle Privat 2023-10-11
Manfred Keiper andere buchhandlung Rostock / Literaturjournal LESART 2023-10-11
Barbara Simoniti Freelance writer, poet & PhD translator of English & Slovene, Ljubljana 2023-10-11
Aline Wollmer Verlagshaus Römerweg 2023-10-11
Hannah Schmidt-Friderichs Gem. climb GmbH 2023-10-11
Nevenka Kocijančič Andragoški center Slovenije 2023-10-11
Marion Voigt 2023-10-11
Ursula Meyer 2023-10-11
Tabea Rotter Verlagshaus Römerweg Wiesbaden 2023-10-11
Karin Schmidt-Friderichs Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels 2023-10-11
Lothar Wekel Verlagshaus Römerweg GmbH 2023-10-11
Karina Bertagnolli Verlagshaus Römerweg Wiesbaden 2023-10-11
Anastasia Urban 2023-10-11
Bertram Schmidt-Friderichs Verlag Hermann Schmidt, Mainz, Germany 2023-10-11
Heiner Prof. Dr. Willenberg Universität Hamburg 2023-10-11
Michael Wiederspahn 2023-10-11
Karin Schmidt-Friderichs Verlag Hermann Schmidt 2023-10-11
Thomas Borgard Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Institut für Deutsch als Fremdsprache 2023-10-11
Inge Kerstin Privat 2023-10-11
Dennis König 2023-10-11
Theodor Paul Privat 2023-10-11
Dieter Dieter Benatzky TH Rosenheim 2023-10-11
Eduard Haueis University of Education, Heidelberg 2023-10-11
Thomas Wensing Privat 2023-10-11
Claudia Ehlen 2023-10-11
Judith Appel Gemeinschaftsschule Saarbrücken-Dudweiler/ Universität des Saarlandes 2023-10-11
Markus Ricken Privat - Buchhändler 2023-10-11
Bulgarian Book Association Bulgarian Book Association Bulgarian Book Association 2023-10-11
Juergen Helmchen Universität Münster (em.) 2023-10-11
Andre Kwiatkowski BBS Walsrode 2023-10-11
Andreas Lange RWU Ravensburg-Weingarten University of Applied Sciences 2023-10-11
Holger Steidele German Department, Tamkang University (Taiwan) 2023-10-11
Klaus-Peter Lessmann 2023-10-11
Luzi Fæste Bilingua - norsk-tysk språkservice 2023-10-11
Jürgen Grunewald Journalist, Pensioner oder WDR 2023-10-10
Moritz Schlenstedt MLU Halle-Wittenberg 2023-10-10
Michael Denhoff Komponist, Cellist & Hochschullehrer 2023-10-10
Sven Leif Ragnar de Roode NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences 2023-10-10
Dr.Christian Preuss-Neudorf vub Wissen mit System 2023-10-10
Dr. Margret Langenmayr 2023-10-10
Ursula Wellstein 2023-10-10
Oliver Mahnkopf Gymnasium 2023-10-10
Jane Meyers Lubuto Library Partners 2023-10-10
Dr. Thomas Ehlen public school, Germany 2023-10-10
Dr. Henning C. Schneider 2023-10-10
Erika Stock 2023-10-10
roberto piumini Autor 2023-10-10
Roland Koslowski 2023-10-10
Kathrin Dr Stolz-Fink 2023-10-10
Daniela Skokovic Pozega Public Library 2023-10-10
Rebekka Herberich 2023-10-10
Ilka Penke 2023-10-10
Valentina Stoeva Reading Foundation - Bulgaria 2023-10-10
Alejandra Quiroz Hernández Independent 2023-10-10
Carole Carole Bloch PRAESA and university of the western cape 2023-10-10
Jochen Penke 2023-10-10
Oliver Bergmann 2023-10-10
Iris Röthig 2023-10-10
Winfried Dr.Thraen private 2023-10-10
Rolf Heilmann Munich University of Applied Sciences 2023-10-10
Irmtraut Nawratil-Hofer 2023-10-10
Thomas Schäfer 2023-10-10
Angelika Schmidt Privat 2023-10-10
Katharin Bulang Private 2023-10-10
Edeltraut Thaesler 2023-10-10
Christiane Körner Freii translater of literature 2023-10-10
Kurt König Dipl.-Ing., Dipl.Wirt.-Ing.(FH) 2023-10-10
Ursula Volk 2023-10-10
Michael Vorwerk keines 2023-10-10
Ruud Hisgen Direct Dutch Institute 2023-10-10
Therese-Marie Meyer University of Halle-Wittenberg 2023-10-10
Silvia Rohn Rheingauschule 2023-10-10
Claus Zittel Stuttgart Research Centre for Text Studies 2023-10-10
Thomas Breitwieser German Association for the United Nations 2023-10-10
Gonzalo Oyarzun Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana, UTEM, Santiago, Chile 2023-10-10
Ma Ott Ärztin i.R. 2023-10-10
Bernhard Mieles Deutsche Schule Sofia 2023-10-10
Beate Dr. Leßmann IQSH 2023-10-10
Rolf Sperber Private 2023-10-10
Anne Maibaum Robert-Gerwig Schule 2023-10-10
Florian Rittiner ETH Zürich 2023-10-10
Ulrike Devers-Kanoglu 2023-10-10
Cornelia Völckers FÄ für Allgemeinmedizin 2023-10-10
Harry Körner Caceis 2023-10-10
Lars Meyer DIE.WERKSTATT 2023-10-10
Michael Horand 2023-10-10
Maria Figura HSE University 2023-10-10
Wolfgang Eschen WGG Selb 2023-10-10
Jürgen Willig private 2023-10-10
dieter and heide wunder 2023-10-10
Maxi Weigert Grundschule Ramspau 2023-10-10
Bernd Gommelt 2023-10-10
Davide Cardia Public LibraryLana 2023-10-10
Klaus Honnef, Prof. Freelance author 2023-10-10
Jutta Egger Public LibraryLana 2023-10-10
Hartmut Lehmann privat 2023-10-10
Andreas Poetter Pädagogische Praxis Köln 2023-10-10
Sven J. Dreiser Ev. Kirche im Rheinland 2023-10-10
Christian Mitterecker 2023-10-10
Barbara Dr. Barbara Bongartz Author 2023-10-10
Hansjörg Becker 2023-10-10
Carola Stein 2023-10-10
Karl H. Delschen 2023-10-10
Gabriele Haug-Moritz University of Graz 2023-10-10
Angela Steigleder Hellweg-Gymnasium Bochum 2023-10-10
Pavel Oresnik Rechtsanwalt 2023-10-10
Ralf Lankau HS Offenburg, Fakultät Medien 2023-10-10
Matthias Bickenbach Institut für deutsche Sprache und Literatur I, Universität zu Köln 2023-10-10
J. Christoph Martin Author 2023-10-10
Andreas Stachowske Privat institute 2023-10-10
Martin Broghammer 2023-10-10
Jörg Meibauer German Department, Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz 2023-10-10
Doris Globig privat 2023-10-10
Julia Davydova Moscow technical institute 2023-10-10
Uwe Werner Hochschule Fulda 2023-10-10
Christoph Meyer Hochschule Mittweida - University of Applied Sciences 2023-10-10
Benedikt Sommerhoff Deutsche Gesellschaft für Qualität (German Quality Association) 2023-10-10
Katharina Nesseler Lese-MENTOR e.V 2023-10-10
Romain Kohn Journalist 2023-10-10
Marcel Maerz KMW Agency 2023-10-10
Christina Schmitz-Riol Institut für Sprechbildung 2023-10-10
Dr. Stefsn Brüdermann 2023-10-10
Anngrit Hacker 2023-10-10
Markus Bücker 2023-10-10
Tjark Arnold Charité Universitätsmedizin 2023-10-10
Otto Neumaier University of Salzburg 2023-10-10
Dennis Schoeneborn Copenhagen Business School 2023-10-10
Chrisna du Plessis University of Pretoria 2023-10-10
Moritz Goj Berufliche Oberschule Friedberg 2023-10-10
Tatjana Moor-Freber Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt 2023-10-10
Dirk Moll Private 2023-10-10
Heinrich Kiep 2023-10-10
Karoline Kerber European Patent Office 2023-10-10
Dr. Karoline Kerber European Patent Office 2023-10-10
Dr. Karoline Kerber European Patent Office 2023-10-10
Albert Sonntag Humboldt Universität you Berlin 2023-10-10
Dirk Rensink University of Applied Science Bingen 2023-10-10
Elke Rupprecht KinderHelden Foerderverein Rhein-Neckar e.V. 2023-10-10
Na Schädlich Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg 2023-10-10
Thomas Höfer ascent AG 2023-10-10
Wolfgang Mayer-Berger 2023-10-10
Oliver Knels Art- and exhibition hall of the federal republic of germany 2023-10-10
Holger Jung None 2023-10-10
Michael Schätzle Retired teacher (German, English), still active 2023-10-10
Martin Jaeggi Zurich University of the Arts 2023-10-10
Richard Haberland Andrássy University of Budapest 2023-10-10
Marion Mosell 2023-10-10
Robert Bellmann Technical University Chemnitz 2023-10-10
Irmgard Dobrowolski 2023-10-10
Claus-Peter Leonhardt Medienanthropologe, edition the global village 2023-10-10
Andrea Dobrowolski 2023-10-10
Lars Birken-Bertsch Deutscher Literaturfonds e.V. 2023-10-10
Stefan Gruner University of Pretoria 2023-10-10
Frauke Kühn Nordstadtverein e.V. 2023-10-10
Christian Gänshirt Politecnico di Milano 2023-10-10
Birgit Ruwe 2023-10-10
Martin Müller 2023-10-10
Jürgen Franz Kirner Staatstheater Karlsruhe 2023-10-10
Clemens Dreike Erzbistum Köln 2023-10-10
Ilja Lange 2023-10-10
Dr. Gert Beyerle 2023-10-10
Ursula Shoemake 2023-10-10
Sylvia Dr. Neuhäuser-Metternich 2023-10-10
Nico Häger Julius-Leber-Schule Frankfurt am Main 2023-10-10
Götz Leineweber Dschungel Wien 2023-10-10
Guido Lange Ampel Publishing 2023-10-10
Folkert Rechenberg 2023-10-10
Jörn Priemer Mitglied des Philologenverbandes Rheinland-Pfalz 2023-10-10
Dirk Hohnsträter Universität Hildesheim 2023-10-10
Burkard Kircher 2023-10-10
Armin Böger Fernuniversität Hagen 2023-10-10
Roger Gartenmann 2023-10-10
Uta Rothfuss 2023-10-10
Dagmar Von Arnim 2023-10-10
Peter Stoll Arztpraxis 2023-10-10
Renate Wirth-Winter Deutschhaus-Gymnasium Würzburg 2023-10-10
Kai U. Juergens Christian Albrechts University of Kiel 2023-10-10
Felix Guggeis Johannes Gutenberg - Universität Mainz 2023-10-10
Johannes Thul Steuerberatung Thul 2023-10-10
Prof. Dr. Sebastian Martens Chair for Private Law, Roman Law, European Private Law and European Legal History, University of Passau 2023-10-10
Sibylle Spannagel Privat 2023-10-10
Ann-Cathrin Harders University of Bielefeld 2023-10-10
Bernd Käpplinger Justus-Liebig-University Giessen, Institute for Educational Science, Department for Adult Education 2023-10-10
Ansgar Mohnkern University of Amsterdam 2023-10-10
Patrick Zimmer 2023-10-10
Frank Huysmans University of Amsterdam 2023-10-10
Friederike Marggraf 2023-10-10
Wilfried Stascheit Selbst.Los-Stiftung, Kinderbücher für die Tafeln 2023-10-10
Volker Klueting Peter-Paul-Rubens-Gymnasium Siegen 2023-10-10
Georg Schneppendahl VIVON 2023-10-10
Uta Webbeler Gymnasium Johanneum, Ostbevern 2023-10-10
Anna Kleist University of Regensburg 2023-10-10
Elke Jost-Zell Deutsche Nationalbibliothek, German National Library 2023-10-10
Heinrich Goller Reader 2023-10-10
Christian Dawidowski Universität Osnabrück 2023-10-10